Virtual Reality 360: The Blue Jays celebrate advancing to the ALDS (More)

Little Blue Restaurant, St. Kilda Pier
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Welcome Friends,
In this chapter I will explain NCERT Class 7 Political Science/Polity/Civics Chapter 4: Growing Up as Boys & Girls (More)

hey frenz! so i filmed this video with the hope that you guys would get to know a little more about me personally and what im all about... dont know why im crying so much lmao. im so excited to show you more of me. remember if you have any suggestions of what you want to see, let me know by commenting or dming me.
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My sweet little girl is growing up so fast! My dog donut in Adopt Me, Roblox, is now a post-teen!!! Just subscribe to my channel if you really want to know why it’s soo important for my dog to grow. (More)

Thomas Gast talks about his time in the French Foreign Legion in French Guiana – Today he give detailed information’s on how legionnaires cross the jungle. (Free Musik von FRAMETRAXX) ´Like` and subscribe if you really like the clip. Have also a look on my homepage - (More)

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Five reasons to join the French Foreign Legion.
In February 1985, Thomas Gast joined the French Foreign Legion. Upon completion of his basic training, he was deployed to the Jungle Regiment in French Guiana (3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment). In September 1987, aided by a German legionnaire officer, he managed to get into the only para regiment of the Foreign Legion. He rose through the ranks, soon made sergeant and finally, after barely 11 years, he became a platoon leader and company sergeant major. (More)

A 360 video from September 2017 showing the battle-scarred streets of Raqqa, in Syria. (More)

A 360 video from September 2017 showing the ruins of Tabqqa – a town in Syria approximately 35 miles (55 km) to the west of Raqqa. (More)

One family describes how they lost everything in the flooding before being taken to one of the many shelters in Houston. (More)

Juana and Miguel Rosa's daughters were murdered in 2015. This fish market in Lima, Peru, is their workplace but also where they come to heal and move forward. (More)

In this video, we are going to take you to the real-life locations that these 6 friends lived, worked, or visited. While it’s important to note that the series was actually filmed in Burbank, California and the fountain from the opening credits of the show isn’t a real site, the lives of these 6 friends were based in New York and referenced multiple real-life sites in Manhattan that Friends fans can visit. (More)

I’ve called NYC home for several years and I’ve barely scratched the surface. So I’ve got my walking shoes and fanny pack ready to explore some of New York City’s icons from a tourist point of view. In this episode, we'll check out:
Rockefeller Center
Brooklyn Bridge
Empire State Buidling
Chrysler Building
Grand Central Terminal
World Trade Center Memorial
The Oculus
Central Park
Prospect park
Washington Square Park
Wall Street
Statue of Liberty (More)



Following a very successful year touring around the world, we are thrilled to announce that "The Green Line" is finally coming home, screening this April in Nicosia.
Here’s a small taste of what’s coming… (More)

Spelunking in search of antibiotics
Spelunking in search of antibiotics (More)

It can take decades of research and more than a billion dollars to create a new antibiotic drug. Sometimes, the first step of the process starts underground, deep inside a mountain. (More)

A 360 degree virtual tour around the statue of the Sphinx temple and the pyramids of Giza, telling the story of a 'dream'that Egyptian archaeologists are working to restore within the Sphinx statue and how it was changed in the history of ancient Egypt. (More)

She cleans up pretty good, right? Ok, way better than good. Johnny-Free and sparkling for the photogs. You’re welcome. (More)

Short on time? No problem! Catch a galaxy of stars super quick with this red carpet time lapse! How many stars can you name? (More)

"What Does It Say Under The Lincoln Memorial? (More)

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Sit in the president’s armchair inside the White House cabinet room and listen to Donald J. Trump’s nominees on some of their top-priority issues. (More)

Drove 2000 miles from Denver to Philly just to be home and enjoy the game with my Dad. Turned out to be the best decision of my life. (More)

Volunteers and family members assess the damage at two Jewish cemeteries that were vandalized in the same week. Join them beside the graves in this 360 video. (More)

Cross the Rio Grande from Big Bend National Park and you'll find a small town experiencing a tourism revival. A border wall could hamper that.Watch more #Daily360: (More)

Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world and one of the most pristine ecosystems on Earth, was only discovered in the past decade in Phong Nha, Vietnam. Now, it's at risk of being devastated by a cable car system and mass tourism. (More)

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Fresh out of the hot tub, I've put together this video to show you our Official Research, Development & Testing Simulation of Aquatic VR no.58767436 (section B5 of the 2019 reports) 👩‍🔬
💙 Method: Hot tub 💙 Conclusion: AMAZING (More)

Just an extremely rough video of me playing Minecraft VR Multiplayer with my 7 year old who was sitting on the other side of the room-which is why it's very hard to hear him. Anyhow this video didn't turn out like I hoped but here it is. We had a lot of fun together. I tried to get him to play with me using the Go, but he doesn't like the gamepad controls so he rather use his Amazon Fire Tablet. He really enjoys it when we play Minecraft together. (More)

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