2017-10-28 – 360 VR V-Log – Nauvoo Pumpkin Walk, Parade, Flash Mob, Haunted House, Fire Alarm, Etc

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This is a long 360-degree panoramic VR V-Log of the entire 2017 Nauvoo Pumpkin Walk experience (including the complete Pumpkin Walk, Parade, Flash Mob, Haunted House, Fire Alarm, etc). Best if viewed with a VR headset.

Here's where in the video you can find various events:
* 0:30: Driving to the pumpkin walk
* 2:10: Drive-thru Nauvoo and a quick pass over the entire scene in the car
* 4:41: Parking the car and shuttle to downtown Nauvoo
* 8:41: Start looking at the many carved pumpkins and various decorations
* 15:05: Parade starts (while I continue to look at pumpkins during gaps in the parade)
* 31:57: Parade ends and I continue to capture the pumpkins and decorations
* 59:31: Quick glimpse of Fortune Teller and then the rest of the pumpkins
* 1:03:29: Local band playing
* 1:03:56: Harry Potter Flash Mob (sorry... I should have chosen a better spot)
* 1:08:29: In line for the Haunted House.
* 1:10:20: Haunted House tour (very limited visibility due to the low light)
* 1:15:16: Fire and police were called to a house near the N-C elementary school due to concerns of a possible fire (people could smell smoke from the house)
* 1:18:47: Heading home

Apparently something struck the camera while it was on the roof of the car resulting in a small chip in the forward-facing lens. This resulted in one angle of the 360-degree view being blurry which is noticeable from time to time.


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