2017 Total Eclipse 360 video – totality from airplane (VR video – click and drag to look around)

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This is 360-degree video viewable by clicking and dragging the video image, or by rotating your smartphone or using your VR headset. Went up in the air with friends to 16,500 ft to experience the total solar eclipse shadow. Clean air, no other airplanes around and quite a view! Things start out bright and sunny and quickly go dark (at around 4 minutes into the video things get really interesting), then back again a couple minutes later. Was cool to see it moving over the ground and quickly get very dark, with a sunset-like glow in every direction on the horizon. This video lets you look around in every direction from inside the airplane.


GaryL3803 says:

My family and I were a few miles west of Rabun Gap and noticed the airplane cruising back and forth. Only one up, so must have been you. Super interesting. See my family's reactions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DW4KpNQt6k

Katherine Paskok says:


Kevin Henderson says:

it was awesome!

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