360°, Angel Falls, Venezuela. Part I. Aerial 8K video

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The full video: https://youtu.be/L_tqK4eqelA

Today we want to present you the flight near the Angel Fall - the highest waterfall in the world. The format of the video is ultra high resolution 8K. To watch the VR content in 8K you will need a very powerful computer, so most of you will keep on using 4K. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the beauty of the nature of this remote place on our planet.

Don't forget that this is 360° video: you can change the angle of view.

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Nowadays you need extraordinary computer power for watching 8K 360° videos. If you have troubles with watching such videos, choose 4K or HD quality in the settings of your YouTube player. We hope that YouTube will find a solution for optimization this videoformat to make it watchable for common users.

Also here is the answer for a frequently asked question about true resolution of an 8K 360° video. Unlike standard videos, in a 360° video you can see only a part of original image (approximately 30 degrees out of 360). As result, the real resolution of the part you can see isn't bigger than 1.3K.


АВ Столыпин says:

В Сибири очень много таких мест!😂😉🇷🇺
И это не шутка, поищите сами, даже на ютубе!

Ansari Baksh says:

This is amazing 😀

Gurukant Sinha says:

MZA hee aa gya

khan korea says:


聖直柳田 says:


meitaidary says:

Мне на телефоне чтобы повернуть на 360 самому надо на 360 повернуться

Feniks_читер says:

А я ещё жаловался что у меня комп слабый…
1030GT + Pentium 2010G На изи потянули видос! А ещё я смотрел его в VR очках))

mak7s0n4 228 says:

видеокарта 48%,а процессор 37%

sosyal media says:


dhailluzion says:

1. watch in 8k

buy a new pc

Бамблби Робот says:

Не хватает только домика! Аж плакать хочется

Zino says:

I wath in 8K

Роман Даманский says:

у меня i 25 и GTX-55000… 8k video просто летает , проц загружен на 15% ))

Azure Peace says:

Wow. Just wow. I love your work. I am sharing 360 love and insights on my channel! 🌎 360º VR

Kostya Fedorrov [legenda pvp] says:

Глаза болят, а комп горит xD

Coolguyx14 says:

I didn't know 8k existed

Hadrian says:

Play on 8k 360 and have a fun time watching a slide show, even with 100 up my internet can't string together 2 frames.

Seth L. T. Video Productions says:

These look great. Is there a place you could share where I can learn about exporting or how you export the videos? I'm having issue with my quality after editing.

Robert Kelly says:

Waste nobody has 8k displays upload it in 4k.

Deface Games says:

really best quality videos, salute to u guys

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