360 cameras DESTROY the Flat Earth. No Debate.

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Understanding is the beginning of knowledge
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Journey To The Edge Of Space (360 Video)
Thrupence Barkley
Caila The Creator


patrick ledford says:

Just seen an eclipse today, another beautiful proof of the globe but then again the moon is just a fucking balloon in the dome😂

Candleman Smith says:

If flat earth is not to be taken seriously, why go to all the trouble of making this video.
You're firing wooden arrows into the bonfire old chap, increasing the interest in flat earth.
There's a saying in the entertainment industry.
"all publicity is good publicity"
Or, in the word's of a famous actor who's name eludes me just now, "the only thing worse than being talked about, is NOT being talked about"
The flat earth community thank you for your contribution thus helping to ensure it the subject dies.
Good video.

Gilberto Urroz says:

BS is BS, it cannot be debated. The Earth is spherical, the evidence is overwhelming. There is no science in flat-earthers, just a subtle attempt to bring back creationism after it was sounded defeated in US Courts. All you have to do to convince yourself that the Earth is spherical is to look at it from outer space. Of course, photographs from Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, Space Shuttles, etc., have provided such evidence. Why would anyone in his/her right mind believe the flat earth BS after seeing all those photographs, if not for some hidden religious agenda? Now you can see the Earth continuously from outer space through the EPIC camera in NASA’s OBSERVR satellite. Guess what? Our lovely planet is spherical, it always has been, it’ll always will be: https://epic.gsfc.nasa.gov

TheRumpus says:

Great video @DKGCustom

Lots of lovely 3D stuff, logical and scientific argument based on evidence.

I am glad to see you doing some great maths too, to work out how big a flat Earth would have to be to give the dip that we see.

Did you create the 3D modelling yourself? And there is some fantastic manipulation of the perspective projection of a flat Earth to consider how a flat Earth model could match the observation.

You are absolutely right to focus on the dip of the horizon as contradicting the flat Earth, and even flat Earthers seem to accept the distances around the equator and the like, which would of course mean that a small radius Earth would be impossible, so accounting for the dip angle to the horizon is simply not possible.

Assuming flatties understand the dip angle argument, presumably they would make some claim about your footage not maintaining horizontal.

And let's not forget that anyone can hire a theodolite for a few tens of pounds or dollars, get up on a mountain near a large body of water and perform their own measurement of the dip angle.

The Hand Of God says:

I just watched this whole video, what a waste of time, no wonder its got so many dislikes.

Jayk Roach says:

No it doesn't hahaha😂🤣Using animations?Really?

Zenos7 says:

lol so many dislikes xD

Kevin Cintron says:

Earth is flat!!

Stu g says:

Absolute rubbish. Cringy, embarrassing attempt.

Water cannot conform to a round object.
No detectable curvature whatsoever, anywhere, at all.
So ppl, boats, planes are upside down at opposite part of earth from you?
Gravity is only a theory, it cannot be proved, whatsoever.
NASA is Disney World for adults. NASA admit every single image is photoshopped.

I once believed earth is a globe so please don’t feel guilty at yourself when you realise you’ve been fooled into accepting the planet is round. We need clear demonstrative proof that earth is curved. Please please please research flat earth.

J Brock says:

Go collect alll of those rewards that ppl have offered

Jason Reagan says:

NASA pics of sphere, Tyson/Nye claim oblate spheroid….pear…egg. Which is it?? Dozens of hours of NASA bloopers, thousands of curveless pics…Then, there is the*Math* based on earth dimensions…so on ad infintium. Keep proving that the B.S. propaganda is effective. The Brave & Informed, take the "Red Pill"

Davis Mcmillian says:

You can squash flat earth,but believe in a globe that is surrounded by untruth and flaws that even a ten year old can spot.shut up!

bulent caglar says:

You are are top idiot man.just telling u fuck off stupid! EARTH IS FLAT…

D Rutter says:

Most people who think this planet is flat aren't capable of grasping the physics and logic in this video.

kamakiri700 says:

this is great but they will just say CGI – fisheye and block their ears because they are morons

Patrick Shank says:

wtf did I just watch LOL you balltards are beyond help. Your brains are fried.

Billy Abell says:

You know what else Mister Flathead forgot to mention? There is a $10,000 giveaway to anyone with irrefutable proof of curvature or the rotation of Earth. Think about it before you go blabbing second hand information. Even Einstein said that the rotation of Earth cannot be proven with any Optical experiment. Irrefutable proof that doesn't mean CGI or something you learned in kindergarten

Saul Goode says:

lol   you're using 'VIRTUAL REALITY'  to prove the earth is round?  !!!!!!!!!  wtf?   Nice logo, is that a swastika unfolded and bent around?   idiot

doug dwan says:

this guy is a MORON

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