360 Chopper Video: HURRICANE MICHAEL storm surge aftermath in Mexico Beach, FL

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GoPro Fusion 360 footage of Hurricane Michael storm surge aftermath in Mexico Beach, FL


XmasLightsGuy says:

Whoa .. trying to view one of these 360 videos on a standard browser rather than a 360 device .. just looks weird.

Pickle P says:

Why does it seem it was a tsunami

Christy Dunlap says:

That's the true meaning of destruction there. Smh! Sad!
I would love to fly a helicopter!

Sammy Spaniel says:

Don’t build your house on the sandyland,
Don’t build it too near the shore.
Well, it might be kind of nice,
But you’ll have to build it twice,
Oh, you’ll have to build your house once more

Andy Johnson says:


Bill n Rach care less what you think Hole-in-wall says:

Good God man!! All that damage that quick!

Ben Houghton says:

Great video mother nature at her strongest

The Dummyblondes says:

It is quite literally uninhabitable now. Just shocking.

Pat On The Back says:

Looks like a battlefield Map XD

Bil says:

That's grim stuff — hard to watch, but thanks for taking us along. Nice camera. The technology's come a long way since the 80s IPIX format.

Captain Jocassee says:

Thanks for posting Reed.Our family rental house in Mexico Beach is toast. That’s what insurance is for and fortunately NONE of our friends who live there full-time were injured. Right around the corner from Toucans or should I say the former toucans. 🙁

Vajra Dantian says:

The Earth is Flat ________

Kevin Luo says:

Now THAT'S a lot of damage!

Laurie Potter says:

look at that contamination. 🌎😔

She Cares says:

I'm not getting notifications

thomas kittredge says:

That was awesome video overage

HyperActive7 says:

Hey thanks for posting this 360 view.. It really gives you perspective at the gravity of this.

Dominic Kirkwood says:

Very bad damage and very good my bro reed keep up bro and love video 💯

Little Kimmy says:

That's crazy damage. Almost looks like a tornado went through.

viperq says:

That is insane.

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