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If you know where the song is from i completely forgot who made it and i want to credit the maker 🙂
Comment down video ideas 🙂
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Fabio Pires says:

I was cryin when I saw this! LOL!!! ?????????????? I can't even! ????????????

Luka PANCHIKJ says:

Copyright detected YOUTUBE BAN THIS IDIOT!

Mark Fisher says:

Song is state of Massachusetts- dropkick murphys mlg remix

ar8artemiy da player says:

how did u make it?

Junior Morelo says:

what is The music?

Andy Front Films says:

Did you ask?

A Mashup says:

wtf is that…

SenketsuGaming Lol says:

Why so fking shooort I neeee more

Heroz says:

What's the song after the dayum son where u find this

TheEmeraldTools says:

how did you do that m8?

Rohan Suresh says:


Crillionair says:

Ayyyeee Dope Video!!

Francisco Pantoja says:

cant see anything

Chxwdr says:

i wonder what ppl were saying while this guy was running with a camera lol

Widaa Almuataz says:

Design is real !!

John Smith says:

What's the name of the song!

EpicRSE says:

Can make me an intro that says Epic?

Qwik Beatzz says:

fucking little kids think they are cool cause they try to spam comments ahaha idiots and he didn't make it manually he uses a program


Damn son howd u make this? ?

RichyRichGames says:

lol dude this is awesome! safe to say been here before it goes viral.

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