360 video || Roller Coaster Ride on Volcano

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VR 360 VIDEO 360 Roller Coaster VR Videos 360 Split Screen for VR headset

This channel creates and provides videos for Virtual Reality based on real life events and video games by using the latest hardware- and software technology. If you want to publish your VR video on this monetized VR channel, feel free to contact me.

Video info: I created a 360 degree video of my riding experience in No Limits Coaster 2. Workflow: Gameplay recording in 360°, video converting, editing, cutting, image enhancement, color correction, injecting 360 meta data.

Game: nolimitscoaster.com
Licence: Professional for commercial usage
Park Download: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198154658415/myworkshopfiles/?appid=301320
YouTube Streaming Permission

3D VR & VR 360 VIDEO


Ася Вернер says:

Guys, I the Russian millet itself has gone in the interpreter, that you understood that I write. IT'S JUST THE BOMB!!!I REALLY LIKE THESE VIDEOS , PLEASE RELEASE these videos more often, I really like your channel!!!

James Gurell says:

Can someone tell me what I am doing here at 11:30 on a school night riding a vr rollercoaster 🎢

Horacio Lopez says:

En la vida real es mejor

Gryfinndor Lion says:

Ahhh,this is so cool!

Кошачье шоу мяу says:


Harun Gunes says:

Abi çok güzel


Black screen… I can hear only the audio… What's the problem? I have a meizu pro 7 plus

Hunter Cummings says:

One of the best VR coasters I've ever riden, only complaint would be that because of the placement of the seats besides me I couldn't really look to the side or over the edge 4 more thrills.

your gamer Malik says:

How much is a vr

5hforever says:

Feels real! I like that. Actually got nervous. Good job!! 👏👏👏

Zaappaa says:

How do i get the vr aymbol to see the 360 video into vr video

Element Skateboarding says:

But how?????

Do u do this

Maria Valle de flores says:

Can you make a great 360 video on the World Trade Center?

carrot games says:

Sooooo good congrats 🤩

Lucas Neri N says:

I have a vr box

A V T A R says:

Hopeless sound

Diego Torres says:

Me divirti en este video

Everything Old says:

i was scared

PrimiusLovin says:

Although there will always be room for improving the graphics detail, it looks very nice and the sense of speed feels spot on imo, even without a VR headset the field of view is convincing and immersive enough for me, and I like the ride too!
And if the theme is a volcano why not paint the track in orange lava, sort of evocating a torrent of lava flow…

Metal Head 420 says:

Waaaaay cooool!!!…

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