360°: Why Is Greenland Melting? | FRONTLINE + NOVA + Emblematic Group

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Greenland is melting faster and faster. Why? Fly over the ice sheets of Greenland with a NASA scientist who is trying to find out in this 360° video.

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Enter an icy landscape and explore why Greenland's glaciers are melting faster than expected -- and what it could mean -- in this 360° video from FRONTLINE, NOVA l PBS & Emblematic Group with support from the Knight Foundation.

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Froggy Noddy says:

the carbon cycle has been disrupted, which is why GW is such an issue. naturally, at this stage people are going to be in denial. however, this stuff is inevitable. we need a means to absorb and convert carbon in ways that the existing environment cannot. or we need to go off into other planets. it's time. we're testing the limits of earth.

Clark Magnuson says:

Global warming is the latest mass hysteria. There will always be mass hysteria about something.

RosyOutlook2 says:

Main stream media main streamers taking over gootube with their "360" videos as they push official narratives, gootube & them rakes it in adsense, that's what's pathetic.

M'sheArt2 says:

Perhaps you should ask the military who's controlling the weather, and the operators of HAARP, Radar

Anthony Campagnolo says:

FACT Greenland was called so for a reason. Yes it was green. Covered in grasses. It will be green again one day. Don't believe me. Then go and do some research

Gacha_May101 :P says:

This is so cool

FERNANDO Bernardi says:

Da de ver o quadrado bem fino

Gabriel Bauer says:

The bright side: we might discover something new that is under the glacier maybe a UFO?

Nahhh just kidding this is truely terrible and perhaps its already to late to save the glacier from melting


i like it very much for. give. imployment to every catahory. people thanks

diane Tackett says:

They say why is it melting? The same reason it had done this over and over since the earth was formed!!! Yes I'm sure man is not helping BUT it has done the same thing many many times and the earth is still here. It will melt again and come back again. Life's cycle. Maybe this is gods way of the great flood. Purging all the bad shit from earth and then starting from fresh again.

B Boston says:


Dennis Balgemann says:

What will change this administrations position on climate change is when Trump has to wear hip boots from the White House to the helicopter.

b+f Filmproduktion 360 VR says:

hi, nice! what kind of camera do you use that shoot 360 4K in 60 fps? thank you advance

IiA says:

Official Frontline disregards science and opts for FakeNews Public Bull Shit.
Surface mass balance on the Greenland Ice Sheet (1981-2010) here: http://beta.dmi.dk/en/groenland/maalinger/greenland-ice-sheet-surface-mass-budget/

gbnz53 says:

A similar thing is happening in the Antarctic, where about 5,000 km2 of the Larsen C Ice Shelf is about to break off. Although I am sure that Donald Trump and his hard-core supporters would call all this information "Fake News". So sad and pathetic.

metimoteo says:

I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world, what a world…

Richard Brudzynski says:

The 360 degree videos look good on YouTube, but they are useless for promoting the program on other web sites. Why not provide a non-360 degree version on YouTube along with the 360-degree version.

Cipry Dominates says:

this is sad. global warming is way too fast 🙁

Elto Desukane says:

360° video playback is not supported on this browser.

Vinko Ivo Milić Díaz says:

Good to know. I've watchin' this video also on the #novapbs channel. Thank you #frontlinePBS, proudly produced by 'GBH.

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