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Around 210,000 gallons of oil spilled onto the grasslands of South Dakota. Get a 360-degree aerial view of the damage it left behind.

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Above the Keystone Pipeline Oil Spill


Matthew says:

why 360 view? It doesn't add anything

Scot Johnson says:

Got to blame the illegal alien contractors that botched the job.
If you pay shoddy rates you get shoddy work.
Try to save a nickel in the short-term and it's going to cost you millions of dollars in the long term. It's simple economics

Minnesota Montage says:

Maybe we could propose away to fix the pipeline instead of winning about we told you this was going to happen.
Since all to you are concerned about about nature so much why don't you drive on out to to south Dakota ( but wait does driving ascend you because it uses gas) and help clean it up.

pspicer777 says:

Vew this on your phone or mobile device and move it around as if it was a camera. The 360 view should then allow you to see things as if it was a panorama.

Vladislov Kyzinski says:

Evil oil company.

Guybrush Threepwood says:

Everyone here drives a car to work

The blue ocean washed away my panties says:

Why is this story the first item in my search with 3.1 k views?

cataracta moana says:

This is exactly what people said it would do!!!

Spiral Breeze says:

Didn't like literally everyone say this was going to happen? But, I guess they'll say that's what insurance is for!

themrjones says:

Trump: I didn't see a leak, it never happened, show me a leak…… How do we know that's not fake, until I see it with my own eyes…… I'm busy.

A Pacing Goose says:

if only someone had warned us!

Shawn Treelife says:

Wasn't this being protested at some long-forgotten protest last year or the year before?

memonk11 says:

Another Trump special.

Jim McBride says:

I couldnt see anything

Jan Detlefsen says:

Nice potatoe quality to please the sponsor.

Rolando Sierra says:

Send this to the Clown (president)

Brenda Proffitt says:

Unbelievable that oil done a lot of damage ….

GR. Hollman says:

Nightmare! None of this should ever have been approved. Not on land or water! The oil companies always lie about the amounts dumped. What's happening with the recent Golf rupture?

BAGGED1993 w124Benz says:

didn't expect the whole, 360° view deal… sweetness

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