Aerospace Engineer Tiera Fletcher's career in 360° VR | The Female Planet | Episode 3

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In the virtual reality series "The Female Planet," watch the story of Tiera Fletcher, a Boeing aerospace engineer working with NASA to design the rocket to launch humankind to the moon and on to Mars. Get a 360 degree look into Tiera's career, her groundbreaking work, and how she's leading the "Mars generation."

"The Female Planet" series features amazing female role models from around the world, including Tiera, actor Gina Rodriguez, and entrepreneur Inna Braverman. You can catch all episodes here:

For the best viewing experience, watch these videos in virtual reality:
*If you have Google Cardboard, tap the Cardboard icon in the bottom right, insert your phone into Cardboard, and look around to view the video in 360 degrees.
*If you have a Google Daydream View, place your phone into your headset.
*If you are watching on your phone, move your phone around to see the video in 360°.
*If you are watching on your computer, drag your mouse to see all parts of the video.

A Daydream and Surround Vision Production.
© Surround Vision 2018 under exclusive license to Daydream

Director: Mary Matheson
Executive Producer: Richard Nockles, Tara Watney
Producer: Dorothea Gibbs

Shot with YI HALO, made with Jump by Google


Lyudmyla Savyk says:


Fabian LovesLaw says:

Wow! While watching the video, technology allows me to feel like I am actually there with her.

Dave Smith says:

triple minority

InOurCity360 App says:


Casey Ray Harris. Esquire says:

Sign me up! I'd be a good fit for uplifting everyone's mood and teaching the next generation

FUGLY says:

Best watched on lg v30,40 with dac tried on so many devices never got the same effects! Tested devices almost all major brands! Now I learned one thing never update your device right away enjoy your device,then update the OEM updates! Apple use one gimmick android uses another!

dan crowley says:

That was so gd cool

Cedrick Ward says:

Yessss …! Get it young black woman, we 💘 you.
😘😍🍷 💄 💋

Andrew Bishop says:


Babarodman Dasilva says:

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bademoxy says:

An "aerospace engineer" can mean many things., not necessarily someone who invents anything or does anything more than review and rubberstamp other people's drawings.
i see lots of female "engineering" grads parading through work who possess less mechanical competence than teen motorcycle enthusiasts.
nowadays with affirmative action gender & racial quotas ,to anyone on the outside wouldn't even know if she's just tailcoating some german or japanese dude who creates the real breakthroughs.

Elizandra Rosangela Fuchs says:

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Daddy Zajac // numnumnum564 says:

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Khirstie Powell says:

Thats amzing

Giv it 2 u str8 says:

I know for sure this women is waisting her time with this job bcuz wisdom from God teaches u that no one can EVER make it out of the firmament. Still a cool video tho..

Jack Wright says:

Your video tricks are extremely annoying, as is your attempt at 3D.

The Tinkerbell says:

Beauty and brains!!!!

Lewandra Erwin says:


AJ G says:

Wonder how long itll take google to realize their audiance doesnt like radical feminazis 🤔

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