Alex the Astronaut – I Like To Dance (Lyric Video)

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'I Like To Dance' is the new single by Alex the Astronaut.

Lyric video animated by Anita Lester.
Illustration by Bonnie Eichelberger.
instagram: @alex.the.astronaut

We met in 2004 
He waited for me at the door 
He was nervous looked around 
And then he kissed me 
I was found 

I’m mostly like everyone else 
My friends are kind, I’m in good health 
I like to dance when I’m at home 
I like to dance 
We were so in love 
My friends were jealous of me 
He held me close I felt at home 
I had always felt alone 

He got angry sometimes 
He’s only angry sometimes 
He shouts at me and I shout back 
I have always been like that

I just wish he’d stop 
I just wish he’d stop 
I just wish he’d stop

The first time he pushed me over, 
He walked passed he smashed my phone  
I didn’t know what to say next
Do you know what you would do next 

We’d been together for six years 
We’d held each other through our tears 
I yelled at him, he cried in fear 
He didn’t want to be like this

I just wish he’d stop 
I just wish he’d stop 
I just wish he’d stop

Please don’t feel sorry for me 
I don’t want your pity 
I want to run through rivers and smile 
I want to sing right through the night 

You scream why don’t you leave 
My kids are two and three
I just can’t pay for what they need
We both know he’d find me

I just wish he’d stop hitting me

I get so scared of what to show 
I’m pretty sure some of my friends know 
My mum says I look different now 
She says I don’t look like myself 

I sometimes think if he left 
I could be a doctor or an artist 
People always say I’m smart
I could go back to school and start 

Again, I’m like everyone else 
I’m mostly like everyone else
I’m mostly like everyone else 
I’m mostly like everyone else 

I like to dance when I’m alone 
I like to dance when I’m at home 
I like to dance when I’m at home 
I like to dance


Kitty Ebony says:

Love Alex if you do to like 👍👇

Pam Swanborough says:

so beautiful, so accurate, so painful.

So Far So Free says:

First there was "Happy Song" and now "I like to Dance." You have a way of drawing us in with our guard down, then BLAM! A beautiful, yet urgent, wake up call for everyone.

Scotty says:

@Alex the Astronaut – Ever consider writing a folk song about the high rate of male suicide in Australia? How about writing a song about another putrid junkie mother who pimps her 9 year old daughter for crack while her father spends 16 hours a day working two jobs to pay for a lawyer to try get 3 hours a week visiting rights with his little princess? IMO awareness requires 'balance' yet IMO youre portraying yourself to be a one sided dyke and a bit of a man hater, but what would I know.

Вячеслав Строгалев says:

Thank you for your songs. They so true. Love your voice and sincerity! Wish you all the best! Hello from Russia!

Monty Phyton says:

Hey guys. Here’s a great German review of ‘I Like To Dance’. What a great track!

Jason Smith says:

This is such a painful subject but it is incredibly fucking beautiful. thank you. <3

ChiaraElena says:

Wow, I just found this on Spotify and came here immediately. It's rare that I come across a song that has been newly published as I'm the kind of person who mostly misses out and gets to love "new" songs that have actually been playing on the radio for ages. I'm glad I'm here now to tell you that this is amazing and that you should continue doing what you do!
The lyrics are so sad and real. I'm nowhere near a situation like the one you described in this piece, but I can feel it now. It's making me shiver.

Stephen Salt says:

a young paul kelly

Angela Belot says:

stunning. thank you

Twett says:

Reminds me of Big Little Lies I've been binging recently..

Wenhao Lin says:

Hey, I like to dance too

Streaming Dept. says:

So beautiful. Well done!

Astolfo Ripley says:

I wake up after a really bad day
This is the first thing i listen to
And I cant stop this song
I'm in my bed since i wake up because I CANT STOP THIS SONG (im from Brazil so its noon)

Katie Massey says:

beautiful 😍

K says:

Wow , haunting , powerful and amazing. I cant remember when a song and a voice moved me as much as this song did a new fan for sure and forever. Thankyou

Gracie Oshannessy says:

I love your music so much! I've seen you play twice now and you're the reason why I came out to all of my friends and family

brad4gmail says:

<3 this song is incredible. Thank you.

John Rutkai says:

Amazing. Theres a few Alex songs we cant buy in the States, wish us luck that we get this one 🙂

Imogen Kendal’s Life Journey says:

Love this, thank you Alex 👩🏻‍🚀❤️

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