An ordinary day in North Korea – 360 Video

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See Pyongyang's answer to the Apple Store, videogames where Americans are the bad guys, and a picturesque waterfront for fishing - and watching missiles launch. Follow CNN's Will Ripley as he gets a rare glimpse of everyday life for the privileged in North Korea.


Benjámin Kurilla says:

1:15 – Wow, this square is in bad shape! I am surprised they let CNN film it.

Leo Zendo says:

Im glad this person made it out alive.

Jarrod Yuki says:

north korea was our colony part of our japanese empire

Hona Wikeepa says:

Deep State losing its grip. Trump liberating the captives.

God says:

At least this children got food for this video.

Sewer Rat says:

You forgot the part where the people starve and are killed and tortured. Oh also you forgot that barely anyone can afford smartphones and everything is staged and they are forced to look like they love their dictator.

Faith Perry says:

When you see there so called technology even the computer the Kim supposively owns feel like singing the flinstones.

Sylvado Andstuff says:

they take video games really seriously over there

Vladimír Mach says:

Bullshit. There's no video.

sfh asg says:

I hate Mafia. It is the very evil fellow like Komei Shokastu(genius assassine of Three Kingdom) and Kanbe Kuroba(Japanese genius assassine of Sengoku Era) and Geppelse by not having its own hands and manipulating people and injecting drugs into person without conciousness with epileptic injecture and no proof of the crime and as not educating him and having him believe a lie by Geppelse 100 times, abusing the power of organization, it trys to make only a person's life out. I think this kind of the organization should be fought with North Korean Mafia armies. But it is fault of Mafia. It is all because Mafia has been doing demos in Shinokubo to kill Korean when it is a war. And boss and executives have been asked to do that by World Government. 私は暴力団が嫌いだ。すごく、悪い者で孔明、黒田官兵衛、ゲッペルズで自分の手を汚さずに人々を動かしたり、てんかん注射など証拠のない犯罪で人に知らないうちに薬を打ったり、人に何も教えることもせずに、悪教育自滅の計、ゲッペルズ100回を使って嘘を信じさせたり、組織の力を乱用して一人個人をダメにするんだ。こんな組織は北朝鮮の暴力団軍と戦ってほうがいいよ。でも、暴力団が悪いんだぜ。だって新大久保で戦争のときに韓国、朝鮮人を殺すことのデモをしているから。あと、やはり、暴力団の組長、幹部が世界政府にそうするように頼まれている。これらが私が言いたかったこと。
But these sentences are bad in impression. I didn't write it well. So ifsy yd hit a person without crime proof, yd either having a fault, yd should correct the thing yd did in Shinokuba. And to correct those sentences are the waste of time.These are?wffat I watned to say.
Today, I have pains in my waist. Everyday, I have been attacked by Mafia without proof. Mafia doesn't judage ifsy it is right or wrong at all. Mafia is as very foolish as to only target at one concerning with the politics any other than Masses. Mafia depends too much on Masses.
Know what kind of things violence is to Mafia's boss and its exetutives.

Chaesoo Jenlisa says:

I didn’t realise this could move until I moved it it scared me

The Marvel Strike Force Boys says:

What a cool feature!!

W1F1snow says:

Where is poor people. Soldiers who starve to death and the fat leader

The on guy Avanica says:

Am I the only one suprise to see that you can move the screen while watching the video…

Lex Avaritia says:

Was expecting north korean prison camps and forced labour but all i see are propaganda.

totally fakenews

Rafael Gonzalo says:

vaya mida de pais dirigido por un loco comunista¡¡¡ a la merd¡¡¡

Raio Privatizador says:

This is what socialism does to your country.

Snakeydh says:


Snakeydh says:

north korea is better now and doesn't hate us any more i kinda think you guys don't even do research (i've hated cnn anyways)

Gary Priestley says:

Love the content and concept!

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