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The Arctic is changing. 2016 saw record temperatures worldwide, in some places it reached 20C (68 F) above the average. As a result the Arctic is melting. In 2016 the Northwest passage had an ice-free summer, allowing cruise ships access to one of the most remote places on Earth. This virtual tour is a more environmentally-friendly way to view this majestic landscape, and a stark reminder of the consequences of our environment-damaging behaviour.

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Dopam1ne says:

I don't know which is more terrifying; the FACT that we are destroying our planet, or that some of our leaders deny that global warming due to human activity is even occurring!

Mavrck2711 says:

So what is the connection between our behaviour and the melting. Raw data please. Not half baked pseudo intellectual theories.

Spicy Sparkles says:

so we have the power to make great things- vehicles, cooking mechanics, tools for hunting, and even products that cause this to happen- and yet our ignorance is getting the best of our clever embodiment. So much so, that we REFUSE to do anything to save our wonderful planet. Get a grip, and do something important, will you?

Indera Sakti says:

hello….the world keep changing since day 1…nothing the same

GuinnessandPizza says:

Why doesn't it need more visitors? Maybe more people can live there someday. What's wrong with that?

Ahmed Baloch says:

Human is evil for this incident.

Bboy Corrosive says:

1 cruise ship equals 16 millions cars in terms of pollution.

lin90210 says:

This beautiful cinematography might accidently encourage people to visit. To litter, increase carbon footprint to get there, ruin the land…

Jessica Fong says:

Sad, tragic, and terrifying… the future for our species and many others. I'm with Greta when she says we should panic and act!

Ilisabel Paganrivera says:

Impresive. Totally unfamiliar to me, thanks for the opportunity to watch such a professional video with such valuable message.

South West says:

Oh my goodness. I paused at second one to check comments, while my phone hand was resting on my leg. My leg was rocking, which made my screen go nuts. This is so awesome! N- not the global warming part; the camera moving part, because it’s like I’m actually there.

Annora says:

A polar bear turn up in a Russian city the other day. The first of the climate change migrants.

Moon Child says:

Adapt or move out?

PowerLives says:

Why would someone believe in the global warming myth?? Jk

bee 10 says:

What happened with the last periodof heating of the planet?

Jammy joe says:


Hugh Jainus says:

Is anyone else excited about the new pathogens released by melting permafrost?

Art Robot - Productions says:


Md Rony says:


Shamil Velji says:

it's sad to see the world changing through us all. whilst we all can play a part in reducing greenhouse gases, it will take the powerful countries to come together and work together. However, the future US pres has declined that climate change is real and dismissed it as Chinese hoax. How do the real people who understand the need for change educate the dumb dimwits who make up the political elite?

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