Artist Christian Awe in 360° – The Arts Hour on Tour 360° – BBC World Service

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Programme website: Watch Berlin artist, Christian Awe, in this 360° video for The Arts Hour on Tour.



kerstin wahl says:

nope..its overrated

Johnny Hansen says:

BBC, you could at least try to buy all Google assets in case you might wanna expand. I would be delighted with the idea.

Gabriela Rito says:

it's really good

Nick Thorp says:

If you are watching on YouTube just shout "left" and "right" loudly at your screen to pan the camera angle.

Jasper Nielsen says:

I'm to lazy to look around I just use my fingers to swipe around

SheetTricks says:

Didn't seem to work for me 🙁

Kesat ÇEVİRİ says:

Really good BBC

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