Ashley Tisdale Gives a Tour of Her Closet in 180° | Glamour

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Ashley Tisdale gives you a tour of her closet in 180°. This video is best viewed in a VR headset, cardboard or mobile. Make sure to increase the quality setting for the best experience. Ashley shows off her favorite clothes, sunglasses, shoes and purses. Ashley's second single, “Love Me or Let Me Go” off her album, Symptoms, will be released on 1/25. In addition to her music, Ashley is also the CEO of Illuminate Cosmetics, a cruelty-free beauty line.


Ariel B. says:

I didn't know this was 90 degree before I hit pause

Mark Johnson says:

Who is this? I do not know

Cody Miller says:

Uhm all I see is a black screen but I hear the video!!?

Arora Thorne says:

money can't buy you style

Santa Sime says:

Soy la unica que ablo español aqui

Christine Foto says:

Love her ☺️❤️ I like how she explained how she would pick outfits

алексей гвоздев says:

Тётка в шкафу! Ахренеть сколько просмотров тётки в шкафу!

Hershey011210 Vids says:

The camera man did bad.. NOPE nvm it was just me… oops

Allison Forero says:

Likecsi ablas españooo:`v y te creen hombre peroo eres mujer

Millie Brina Blanchard says:

Everyone watching this does know that she is the voice of Candace in Phineas and Ferb. right?

G. L. says:

I hate this 360 thing wtf

Lisa Thorley says:

Just to add some variety to the comments, I appreciated the 180 degree view. It worked perfectly fine on my device (laptop). Also it was really cool to get a look into her wardrobe, I love her fashion <3

Arnie Lein Ibardo says:

I thought sharpay would have a more fancy and girly stuff lol.. She's simple

Batmaniskpopaf _ says:

“I was a bag lady at 7 years old “ SAMSIES

Tiffani-Amber Torres says:

Her closet is legit the size of my room

Laila Zoie says:

Husband??? Shook

Kelly Kim says:

You’re so cute! Would’ve like to see more of your bags I’m obsessed too and I’m almost 50 lol

Fabiana Stefan says:

I want your closet😫

Dear Honganh says:

Woa that is the husband ‘s area ,😂👍

Harley Jo says:

Why does the camera move…. maybe just need to stop smoking so much WEED naaaaa

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