Asteroid Impact Mission VR version

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This new virtual reality version of the previously released animation gives the feeling of being in space as the Asteroid Impact Mission unfolds.

The Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM) is a candidate mission currently undergoing preliminary design work (phase B1). The mission concept is being consolidated in view of a potential discussion at ESA’s Council of Ministers in December 2016 for approval.

Launched in October 2020, AIM would travel to a binary asteroid system – the paired Didymos asteroids, which will come a comparatively close 11 million km to Earth in 2022. The 800 m-diameter main body is orbited by a 170 m moon, informally called ‘Didymoon’.

This smaller body is AIM’s focus: the spacecraft would perform high-resolution visual, thermal and radar mapping of the moon to build detailed maps of its surface and interior structure.

The main AIM spacecraft is planned to carry at least three smaller spacecraft – the Mascot-2 asteroid lander, being provided by DLR (Mascot-1 is already flying on JAXA’s Hayabusa-2), as well as two or more CubeSats. AIM would test optical communications and inter-satellite links in deep space, essential technology for future exploration.

If approved, AIM would also be Europe’s contribution to the larger Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment mission: AIDA. In late 2022, the NASA-led part of AIDA will arrive: the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, probe will approach the binary system – then crash straight into the asteroid moon at about 6 km/s.

AIM is intended to be watching closely as DART hits Didymoon. In the aftermath, it will perform detailed before-and-after comparisons on the structure of the body itself, as well as its orbit, to characterise DART’s kinetic impact and its consequences.

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Sam Salom says:

I liked the full dome thing!


Loving these 360 videos!

Steve Roberts says:

Please ditch the planetarium. Annoying distraction when I'm interested in seeing the graphics of the mission not a whole load of empty seats! Otherwise excellent! Hope the missions go well!

Dick Holman says:

The BG music is very loud, muffling the narrator.

Bishop says:

Why I'm sitting on the armrest while the whole room is free?

UnbreakableVrRunner/SoundVrCatcher says:

I have to do better, yours 3d😊

Ifly 777 says:

ESA, why don't you put a RTG in your lander and probe.

Anton Lents says:

What's the point of VR in this video?

Aleksei Khudiakov says:

VR version… what a joke

Tarek Abuaita says:

awesome stuff

Jonathan McGaha says:

Ha, wow, this actually made me consider the value of a VR headset. Very neat video.

Patyx says:

Great video, but the cinema overlay is very annoying and pointless. Isn't it the point of VR to actually feel like I'm there?
I want to feel like I'm flying towards the asteroid, not like I'm sitting in a cinema watching a movie about flying towards asteroid.

Jaybee Productions says:

Next level mission, so cool.

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