ASTEROIDS! | Animated 360 Movie [HD] | Elizabeth Banks, Ingrid Nilsen

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ASTEROIDS! is finally here! Watch quirky aliens Mac, Cheez (ft Elizabeth Banks) and their sidekick robot Peas (ft Ingrid Nilsen) as they traverse the challenges of space.

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**2017 SUNDANCE SELECTION** Follow the journey of quirky aliens Mac, Cheez (Elizabeth Banks) and their sidekick Peas (Ingrid Nilsen) as they traverse the challenges of space and come face-to-face with teeth-gnashing space-bugs and careening asteroids.

In this 11-minute immersive cinematic, you will experience a story filled with excitement, humor and compassion as you go on a deep space mission and connect with the characters as you would in real life!

ASTEROIDS! was a Sundance Official Selection and won the Unity Vision Award for best virtual reality.

Move your phone or drag your mouse around this 360 video so you don't miss anything!

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GoldenSquid 296 says:

Isn’t Elizabeth Banks from The LEGO Movie

Axon Tube says:

This is for vr box or vr

Stephanie Navarro says:

Congratulations on the work, you did an incredible animation. Extremely immersive. Loved it.

CosmicNintyThree The Cosmics says:

I felt really sad when the robots friend died but made me laugh when they just zapped her to life!!

นัก เขียน says:

Very good.!!! It's very cute.

Whose Republic says:

in TV not work 😑

EnderDude Gaming says:

in 3:16 did he just say ah shit

Triggered4life says:

My eyes hurt

Bamdenie says:

Vr symbol isn't showing up

steve , says:

How do i use in VR?

Mario Sr. says:

Best story teller

sunil kaushal says:

Such a nice and immersive experience.

3D-VR-360 VIDEOS says:

haha very good in VR ^^

mike the noob says:

Yes it happens

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