Attacked By a Shark In Virtual Reality – GTA 360° Experience

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Experience a shark attack in the world of GTA from a VR perspective!

Underwater stitching is very hard but possible!


Thanks to Aaron for the new logo and thumbnails! This guy makes awesome custom furniture in the UK, check it out, it's worth the look:


Project Spherical says:

What's up guys! Got that VR headset yet?!

BM_ FFT says:

Yeah I love this and your channel keep it up

Bruno da Fonte says:

How can I record in 360 ?

Ender Playz says:

If you want to survive a shark attack, just follow it. If you escape, you are gonna be a delicious meal

Ender Playz says:

Why do you have 800 subs only?!

kilimaniaro says:

That was cool

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