Auschwitz-Birkenau Walk through – 360° movie. High Quality 4K

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Check what to expect from Auschwitz Museum today.

Check also tour available at:

One of the biggest Nazi Concentration Camps. See virtual 360 tour inside camp and realise what is was like in Auschwitz. Its a warning from history what may happen.

Step into to history and comment what you feel.


SiglundR says:

Can you believe that the US is running these now on the southern border?

No. Neither can I. What an unspeakable insult to the true victims.

SouthernKudzu says:

How can humans treat other humans like this?

raphael44ify says:

It's hard to think of the massacres in that place today. My brother who was probably the least sentimental person in the world went there, he said there was an atmosphere there that haunted him. He saw a crisp packet near the entrance of the crematorium and felt sick.

Amanda Allen says:

Frustrsted, sick and horrified that people think it never happened and that it is still happening in 2018 almost 2019.

odi mor says:

What's the music plz ?

Notionless says:

If your ever going to visit this place, when the tell you not to take a photo/video. Please don’t it’s very disrespectful towards those who were once there, it may seem like it’s not, but it just is, it’s wrong.

Randomalistic says:

3:18 Here’s a pigeon to make you feel slightly less depressed

Inconspicious Fellow White Man says:

Fake and Gay

Jona Nathan says:

The prosecution of the so called "Nazi war criminals" is nonsense withour first prosecuting the families who financed the war, such as the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers. If the footsoldiers are considered criminals then they were following the orders given by their superiors all the way up to the top. This is the fact. Even now it is known that the invasion of Iraq was based on complete lies, yet the leaders have nefer been indicted nor tried for leading the nation into war. Yet war crimes were commited in Iraq based on the orders given by the superiors through lies and manipulations.

Godofredo Coelho says:

Good evening ! 🙂 I would like to say, congratulations for the video, i really like it, well done. thanks for share . can i ask you the name of the music please?

super vsco tings says:

I looked at the floor the whole time

geli escal says:

Even though I'm not there i can feel it…

SGHOW says:

Beautiful house @ 3:09

Carys-Lee Hedger says:

Thank you so much for this video I need this for my history project so thank you

ᴀʟɪᴄɪᴀ ʜᴇʀʀᴇʀᴀ says:

this is cool

Przemysław Orlikowski says:

Thank you for this overview!

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