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Join us on a 360° loch-side walk in Knapdale to look for signs of beavers, an animal which has been successfully reintroduced to Scotland.

For the first time in over 400 years the forests of Argyll in western Scotland are now home to the Eurasian beaver. In the first official reintroduction of a native mammal to the UK, four families of beavers were released onto the lochs of Knapdale where they quickly began building lodges, damming rivers and felling trees.

The beaver is what are known as a keystone species, an animal which disproportionately impacts the environment in which it lives. Not only do the mammals have the ability to rapidly alter the ecosystem to benefit themselves, but the changes they cause also benefit countless other species from amphibians and fish to insects, birds and plants.

In the 360° video above, join Pete Creech, Environmental Interpretation Officer at the Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation, as he takes us around one of the original release sites in Knapdale and tells us more about these ecosystem engineers.

Visit the Heart of Argyll Beaver Centre:


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C B says:

Very enjoyable to watch. Can we please have lots more of the same? 🙂

Sean MacLeod says:

Great to see….and great to take part in, (I’m the one in the blue coat 😁). Pete & Oli at the Heart Of Argyll wildlife centre do such a great job.
So happy that the beavers are now protected by law.

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