Blue Whale 360 VR Experience

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Weighing in at over 160 tons and capable of reaching speeds of over 30 mph, the blue whale is the largest mammal on Earth. Check it out this 360 infographic from FusionVR.

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Pennsylvania District Railfan says:

As beautiful as these animals really are. this was was creepy as hell.
you also forgot to mention that blue whales have multi chambered stomachs.

Khan Bhai says:

360 view of the sea is what i see

Demo Account says:

Hears whale sing
Omg I’m in love

Daniel McKee says:

My blue whale is really fucked up. It's distorted and absolutely terrifying. Save Me!!

md tuhin islam says:

I love you 01791834995

Ding dong so long they call it long schlong says:

Can you make one on the Sperm Whale hunting and eating Giant Squid?

Ice does cosplays says:

help I am under water I can't breathe

Davide Scordino says:

ma sei bravo a inventare sto gioco del cazzo

WhereTheyAre says:


kaan haltan says:

İ wanna join #bluewhale challenge.

Tyler Owens says:

wow that was cool I put the vr on it felt like I was swimming right by it really creepy to 😱😃

Malik Buarzaiga says:

Cool this is great you get to control it

Malik Buarzaiga says:

I love blue whales

UFOzzy {Ozzy} says:

oh God the deaths that have happened over this

RedZy says:

where's the 3 meter dick?

littleHOTTIE87 says:

Was that the recording of the Blue Whale's C call? Sounds like it.

Sav Isfunneh says:

The sound of hearing whales is calming and makes me relax a lot

Kimberly Johnson says:

this was so neat!


360 blocksworld #blocksworld

Lol Kj says:

wow that is so coooooolllll 😃😃😃😃😃😃

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