Brazil's Disappearing Wild Jaguars (360°)

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Living With Jaguars is a 360° film documenting wild jaguars in Brazil. Part documentary and part immersive game, Living With Jaguars explores historical and current tensions in a rural region where jaguars prey on ranchers' cattle and ranchers kill them in retaliation. Now, ranchers and jaguars must find new ways to co-exist - or risk the future of a species under threat.

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Eatenribs says:

5:15 This is why I hate cow´s meat,dairy food and leather. They are destroying the jaguar´s habitat

MacNifty says:

360 is awesome I don't know why people complain about something that immerses you more than a box frame. Silly lazy people.

MacNifty says:

But who was there before Cattlemen? The cat! lol.

Koto Nizna says:

360 is buggy. it flickers in full screen and the 1440s looks like 480s. It sucks. 360 is fucking garbage..seriously.

Jeff Harwell says:

Think I saw a leopard in there…

Hannibal says:

Jou ma se poes! Shit channel xD

dic gosinya says:

They are raking in piles of

jorge avendano says:

Fuck you guys for now having this for normal people

Janini Soares says:

Eu amo esses videos

Queen Maizah says:

I like 360 a lot it’s fun to look around

Lynn Dunn says:

I can mive it around

Pearl says:

this is so sad i love animals there just like us but a little diffrent but people dont understand that

Brittany morris says:

Hey so I am watching this

Jose Luis Marroquin says:

No thanks you

Chris Eliason says:

sacrifice rabbits or something to appease the jaguar gods. maybe a cow per week.

Trey Nixen says:

Fuck trophy hunters

RighteousBruce says:

onya humans. you pieces of shit.

Guns4Home Defense says:

Face the reality. When their is war, all men should prepare their firearm & ammo to fight.

Jean-François GeoGaia says:

Seems great but for some reasons its unwatchble on my Mac, it just flickers and the quality is bad.

myname is love says:

Poachers are evil 🐾

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