Buckingham Palace tour: 360 VR video tour lets you explore UK Queen’s home in 3D – TomoNews

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LONDON — Ever wanted to visit Buckingham Palace and tour Queen Elizabeth’s home?

With this this 360 degree video tour of the British Royals’ home, we’ve got you covered.

According to the BBC, Buckingham Palace worked with Google to create the 3D video tour of the royals’ London home. The video features State Rooms, art from the royal collection and a guided tour of the p

The video can be viewed with a virtual reality viewer or in 360 format, using the arrows to pan around during the tour.


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Larry Blackburn says:

Frustrating to control moving about on a laptop. Gorgeous, but I wish had been in a higher quality.

Daniel VR4Holiday says:

Lovely Content! Daniel VR4Holiday.com

Kwanda Sinyanya says:

Nice but some people don’t have 3D glasses

snoopydean3333 says:

the video stays blurry the whole time.

sam kearns says:

I would like to come and see you and the place

elizabeth sheffield says:

………these static photos/views shown here are a waste of yours and the poor B.P. presenters time – weren't they allowed to film for longer or to stop and explain the few items they talked about? OR this has been cropped & mutilated to make it fit 9:40 of our time as you could get a very much better idea just by looking in a book! sorry about that.


whats a potato

PabloLoveRoblox Wenderson says:

Omg! Queen's house is beatiful!

Jo Knight says:


Jo Knight says:


Kelly Fischer says:

I now know how to get to the "queens" bedroom… mewahahaha!

Zoha Khan says:

my quality was the best bc I put the quality on 1080 hd

Ye Dig says:

Ew the palace is not as I expected

Christina Glenn says:

I love this video but so much of it that you point out you're not seeing because the camera doesn't move

Brian notafan says:

looks like my closet

Susan Corlett says:


A Zach says:

The royal family can lick my nuts

Slrkz says:

As soon as I saw the throne room I put my head down lol

Zara Sowerby says:


by order of the billy blinders says:

Lovely palace

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