Building the Future of Space with Boeing's Starliner

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Boeing's CST-100 Starliner is go for launch, ready to take America back to space. The Starliner is a brand new, commercially developed spacecraft, that will usher in a new era of human space exploration. It joins a long line of spacecraft that Boeing or Boeing's heritage companies have developed in collaboration with NASA, including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and the space shuttle.

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Ahmad Shukairy Jamali says:

Good luck 👍!!

Scott 250r says:

More proof Boeing is the very best. Is Airbus going to space? Not. And this is not the first time for Boeing.

Micheal Seven says:

I feel sorry for astronauts assigned to CST as delay after delay will come now they claim leaking valves pushing off first flight several months ,these astronauts will sit on ground and watch several spacex launches before finally being re assigned to other jobs, CST is overweight and they do not know how to get it lighter, so they make excuses like leaky valves

Who let The Dogs out? says:

yay Boeing can intro to the space!

Christopher Schuster says:

1:58 "Skyliner are you go for launch?"

Boeing, you can't even refer to your craft's actual name.

ayi adjamgba says:

U.S back in the game.

Luke Charles says:

Hopefully Boeing will eventually provide real competition to space x

J says:

Hope to see it in my life time

Md. Jibran Alam says:

SpaceX should be the next american space crew carrier.

Er Ge says:

Knowing that we already have space crafts like TR-3B and other objects with an anti gravity system this looks so old fashioned. They still think we are dumb! Don't sell old technologies as new stuff fools! Disgusting!

The Millennium State Central Business District says:

Boeing is da best!

James Milligan says:

We should have been on Mars by now.

Eduard Bromsom says:

Boeing ❤❤

Gamer 49 says:

So it'll be like the space shuttle with what % of budget increase?

Luke G. says:

yeah but…

the earths square

Shakespeare Studios says:

Boeing for the win

Aviation Engine says:

That makes me so emotional!!!

Ultimate Aviation says:

First go Boeing

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