Virtual space is a top down asteroids style mission based space shooter set to an electronic groove with neon lasers.

Today we're returning to virtual reality Asteroids. We're going to be taking a look at some of the behind the scenes changes made to the game as well as implementing a new feature. Specifically we're going to be working on adding gravity to the game. Technically we already have that, it's what keeps our player attached to the asteroids. However, what I have planned is a little different than that.

We're going to be implementing a very inaccurate version of circular gravity for our game. The goal being to lock asteroids into a circular orbit around the planet. Think asteroid belt, but around a planet. Similar in a way to the rings of Saturn or Jupiter. The end goal of this is to get a playable ring area around the planet. This will keep our asteroids from flying off into space and, due to our cheating at physics, we'll be able to avoid having to do a lot of the quite difficult parts of keeping objects in orbit (the actual calculations to get that happening are fairly precise and can require some time to have decent results).

Our solution is to take advantage of the Unity Animation Curve and create a custom function that we can use to return the velocity applied due to gravity. This allows us to create as simple or complex of a simulation as we want. We now have the power to create really cool ring structures and manipulate gameplay in tons of other ways. Fun stuff!

You can play the current version of the game on Game Jolt here:

Want to play with the source code? You can grab it on GitHub: (Some 3rd party assets and art aren't included. Sorry)

Shoot asteroids in your Google Cardboard headset! Be a space pilot

Experience the classic Asteroids arcade game in virtual reality!
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Captain 13 – Beyond the Hero is an endless arcade VR shooter set in multiple galaxies of the universe. You are the sole surviver of a fleet and tasked to clear the asteroid clusters. Do this to make the galaxies saver! As always first some of the space game playthrough and then the review is at the end of the video!

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Captain 13 is coming out on Steam at the end of this month (late September or early October)

[Oculus Rift Home Description]
Captain 13 - Beyond the Hero is an endless arcade shooter set in multiple galaxies of the universe. You are Captain 13, the sole survivor of a voyager fleet sent with the mission of clearing asteroid clusters. You and your ship cruise through the galaxy where you have to destroy as many meteors as you can target. The larger your score, the safer the galaxies!

As you shoot your way through vast and beautiful space, you’re not just there to enjoy the view. With its unique gameplay style, your objective is to spot the weak spots on meteors and act fast to destroy them before they get to you. That’s not all - you must collect the bare necessities that you’re rewarded with for each meteor destroyed. To ensure a prolonged experience you must collect fuel and service your ship if it is damaged along the way.

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This is 360° UHD video of an asteroid belt.

You can look around while flying through hundreds of asteroids.

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VR headgear is required (such as Google Cardboard).
- Control turret to destroy asteroids.
- Fighter will help you to destroy asteroids.
- Earn the money and use it for upgrading turret and fighter.
- Experience realistic battle in space.

- Tablet is not supported.
Note : You need virtual reality kit for 3D experience. Put your smartphone in virtual reality kit for example google cardboard etc.
I am using AuraVR Virtual Reality Headset