Taken from lg 360 cam on the Morse Mill bridge near the ruins.

Awesome 360 video of the Total Eclipse 2017 - watch the hummingbird fly to roost when my brother whistles!! Hear the crickets and listen to our enjoyment and excitement!!!

On August 21st, 2017 at 11:27am, the path of totality passed over central Idaho. We headed up to the city of Sweet to get a good seat. Check out this 360 degree recording from the hilltop as darkness falls across the land. Pan over to see the telephoto view of the corona and diamond ring effect! It's pretty sweet.

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Seeing Visions by Warren Chadwick
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A VR experience of the Total Solar Eclipse!
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Full version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVU95iRdWHc

Be prepared to pause, this video does the panorama a little fast.
Location: Near Waterloo, IL.

St Louis was lucky enough to be in the path of the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. This is a 360 spherical video. You will see it go dark and back to light in just minutes!

You can use your mouse or move your device to change the view in 360 degrees.

From Fort Massac State Park in Metropolis, Illinois.
Sorry, my friend said some bad words. He was excited.

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Use your phone or mouse to look around and change the view setting to whole view.
This is a 360 degree video shot in the parking lot of the courthouse in Hopkinsville Kentucky August 21st 2017
You can hear us call out the time and temperature as the eclipse progresses.
The camera automatically kept changing the aperture as it got darker and the lighter

360 view of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse from Salem, OR.

0:00 95% eclipse, slightly dimmer light
3:00 99%, Street lights turn on
3:40 99.5% Still pretty bright, sun still casting shadows.
4:00 Totality

The horizon looks like a sunset all the way around.

Ricoh Theta camera. Unfortunately the camera shows the eclipse as a white blob and not the black hole it is, but you can see how fast it gets dark in the 10 seconds before totality.

Breathtaking footage of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Oregon at Global Eclipse Gathering.

Shot on Orah 4i

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I took this video on August 21, 2017 using an LG 360 VR camera. My family and I are from Hernando Mississippi. We chose Perryville because it was the closest town to interstate I-55 that was also within the longest totality period. I apologize the video can't truly do justice to the live experience. Truly the most incredible thing I've seen with my own eyes.

This was the fun experience of totality as seen from a field near John Day, Oregon, where we had over 2 minuted of totality. Be sure to watch in 4K in a head-mounted display like google Cardboard, Daydream, or Playstation VR.

See more of the experience in my vlog at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu498mCVMDw

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(View in desktop Chrome or the Android YouTube app for interactive version)

At 77° north, and with perfect clear skies, Amelnryggen in Svalbard was one of the most spectacular places in the world to see the total solar eclipse of 2015.

Presented here in panoramic 360 degrees, you can see it all as the unusual light and shadow of the eclipse dances across the Arctic landscape.

Location: Amelnryggen
N 77°57.051´
E 016°48.386´
Elevation: 778m

Playback is in realtime, starting at 11.10 AM local time as the eclipse enters totality.

Higher quality w/ 2D and photos available soon at http://stargatemedia.no/

Special thanks to our fearless snowmobile guide Tom at http://arcticchallenge.no/ whose knowledge and Aquavit proved indispensable.

Totality at the Tsali Notch Vineyard in Madisonville, TN.

Madras, Oregon. August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse.

Make sure to have the audio on when you watch. This is a 360 degree video, so you can scroll around or watch in a VR headset.

Totality begins: 5:07
Totality ends: 7:10

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Produced with Gear 360 ActionDirector

360-degree video of the total solar eclipse in Hopkinsville, KY on August 21st, 2017. Video captures the moments before, during, and after the event.

This is 360-degree video viewable by clicking and dragging the video image, or by rotating your smartphone or using your VR headset. Went up in the air with friends to 16,500 ft to experience the total solar eclipse shadow. Clean air, no other airplanes around and quite a view! Things start out bright and sunny and quickly go dark (at around 4 minutes into the video things get really interesting), then back again a couple minutes later. Was cool to see it moving over the ground and quickly get very dark, with a sunset-like glow in every direction on the horizon. This video lets you look around in every direction from inside the airplane.

Watch the total solar eclipse from 40,000 feet above the Earth. In this 360 degree experience, you will be able to look down and see the moon’s shadow move across the clouds as the sun becomes a small bright dot in the sky above you.
We filmed the Great American Solar Eclipse from a high altitude balloon. The launch took place at the Homestead National Monument in Beatrice, Nebraska on August 21st at 12:30 CST.
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Thank you to the Homestead and all the volunteers that helped us launch. We truly appreciate all your help.

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After the Total eclipse everyone was chanting "One More Time!" I performed levitation at the Oregon Eclipse festival. However no entertainment that was at the festival could compare to this amazing spectacle. I wouldn't dare try to upstage God. In this video you can here everyone yelling out of excitement and bliss. The most amazing part was seeing the sky glow red like a sunset all the way arounf in 360 degrees.

Special Head Levitation
He is best known for his appearances on America’s Got Talent in 2013 /2014 and subsequent viral videos of his Levitation acts. His America's Got talent performances were viewed by more than 40 million people on YouTube alone!

"The popularity amongst Children across America following my viral appearances really inspired me, That I've been given an opportunity to be a good roll model for kids. Thats a great reason to wake up in morning" -Wolverton
"My artistic Vision is greatly influenced by my upbringing in the Native American Peyote Way Church and the Baha'i Faith. I realized that 1,000 years ago all art, performance, music, and dance was done through spiritual inspiration. The original performances were ritual and Ceremony. It wasn't until the Renaissance that making a living through art became more widespread. Through my performances I intend to bring us back to an age of mysticism. Reminding people that performance is a ritual and that magic can be spiritual.

The Special Head show goes beyond a traditional magic show. Not only does Wolverton perform Music while simultaneously performing magic illusions, Wolverton also incorporates thought provoking theatrics into his many acts. Danny uses illusions to cause the viewer to question "what it means to be human." His show is flexible and can be adapted to entertain many different age groups.

Wolverton first began his entertainment career street performing as a human statue. And Danny continues to use the chaotic stage that is the street in his internet TV series. In the "Special Head Show " Wolverton acts as a host to a travel show adventures, and hidden camera practical Jokes on the street in different places around America.
Wolverton's performances have been featured in many well known shows including America's Got Talent, Beacher's Mad House MGM Las Vegas, The CD release parties's of Miley Cyrus, and Paris Hilton, Good Day New York, The documentary “Spark: A Burning Man Story" Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, Das Super Talent, and The Matthew Silver Show.
“I can’t say enough about Special Head and his levitation act. Not only was his illusion incredible, but it was like looking in the mirror. And I realized walking away from last night’s show that I, too, have a special head!” — Howie Mandel, Parade

Special Head Has a Surprising Talent. What I love about the show it's fun for the whole family. for the first time in the show's history last night Howard put the x up as in go home, and then took it down. I though that was fantastic, the Floating Man!"
- Wendy Williams, "The Wendy Williams Show" 6/5/13

I made a big mistake and I failed at Levitation. I went to Wilmington North Carolina to perform at the Port City Ribfest. It seem like a good idea when someone suggested I perform in the wrestling ring with pro wrestlers fighting me. As you can see it turned out to be a very bad idea. The most important thing is for you to be able to prize your shortcomings as funny humorous learning lessons. But I was redeemed because my uncle also lives in Wilmington North Carolina took me for a flying lesson and his airplane.
I want you to question reality so I'll let you figure out for yourself how this is done. Weather you boast conclusion is a test of humility.
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Special Head Floats Danny Wolverton Wolverton
Special Head Special Head Special Head Special Head Special Head Special Head
America's Got Talent
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This (rather shaky) iphone video shows the darkness created by a total solar eclipse. Look for what I think is Venus to the upper left of the sun, and especially notice the 360-degree sunset.

Get a 360-degree view of the infamous 'Carhenge' monument in Nebraska during the 2017 total eclipse.

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Learn more about August's Music City Solar Eclipse and see what to expect to see from Adventure Science Center's parking lot in Nashville, Tennessee in this awesome 360 video.

Tickets to the exclusive indoor Music City Solar Eclipse Festival & Viewing Party experience at Adventure Science Center are available at www.adventuresci..org/eclipse.

360 video of the 2017 eclipse shadow sweeping across central Oregon. Video taken 75,600 ft above Terrebonne, OR.

In this video you can pan the camera around to experience the eclipse in 'VR'' (not really) - you can see the changes in the landscape around you, see the shadow bands and crescent shaped shadows on the ground around you and hear people cheering at the event in real time.

360 degree video 2017 Total Eclipse at Melaleuca Field, in Idaho Falls.

Move your phone or tablet for 360 effect.

On a computer, use the arrows at the top of your screen, or your mouse to see the video in 360. It works best using Chrome.

Subscribe for more amazing 360 videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD-lebCcXn03aQRaq95AXEw?sub_confirmation=1 Experience the Total Solar Eclipse that took place across Indonesia on the March 9, 2016. We travelled to see it first hand and it was incredible.

Listen to the cheer of the crowd and then the breath of silence it brings. It takes people's breathe away.

Words cannot describe the feeling of a total eclipse. It's as if someone pulled a curtain in front of the sun during the day. Everyone should make it a mission to witness a total eclipse.

Totality began at 8:37:47 am and ended at 8:39:52 am

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------Technical Information ----

The Gopro cameras were setup in the non-waterproof freedom360 rig attached to a monopod pole mounted on a tripod

To view the real impact of this video watch it using your smartphone on a Virtual Reality headset - Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR to an Oculus Rift.

- Recorded using 6 GoPro Hero 4 Black - filming at 2.7k - 30fps protune mode
- Location: Luwuk Indonesia
- Resulting video resolution is in 4k for (4096x2048)
- Produced by 360 Thrill founder - Allan Dixon @daxon
- Thanks to Tourism Indonesia, Travis Longmore, Kylie Travers, Rob Mullaly, Grave Picot for the whole experience.

- Ending graphics was edited using 'SkyBox Studio' thanks to @mettlecon

Try SkyBox Studio out for yourself here, awesome workflow with text and graphics and rig romoval: http://mettle.com/product/skybox-studio/


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