Coming Out in Droves for Free Health Care | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

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A nonprofit sets up temporary clinics that provide free medical services to people in rural areas of the United States. For the hundreds that showed up in Cookeville, Tenn., this was a chance to get a checkup, dental treatment or eye care.

By: Chris Carmichael, Niko Koppel and Kaitlyn Mullin

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Coming Out in Droves for Free Health Care | The Daily 360 | The New York Times



My god……….you think this only happens in third world countries. Give the people health care, after all, Jesus didn't charge for curing the sick………so I've read…..

john edward jacobson says:

jataka is not a story about D J Trump and you won't find him on Borubodor's reliefs]

john edward jacobson says:

chuck berry, robin williams, muddy waters, little richard, otis redding, 'bird',

sTeVeXNYCPerformance says:

Lab rats for democRATe

Bionik1980 says:

This is more like 3rd world country to me. Maybe we can use some of that defense/ military spending on defending our health.

badminton delve says:

rather then health looks dental care

Annie says:

~South Africa~ xox

Nancy Campbell Gibson says:

" A nation should not be judged by how it treats it's highest members, but how it treats it's lowest." -Mahatma Gandhi

leo Flores says:

This is the Trump mess

TeaPartyActivist says:

THIS IS A GREAT SAFETY NET for the droves of people who cannot afford OBAMA CARE. Thanks.

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