Congo VR: Great Riches – BBC News

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The mighty Congo River cuts through the largest rain forest outside the Amazon and has wildlife found nowhere else on earth. The Democratic Republic of the Congo could be one of the richest countries in Africa, but it’s people are among the poorest. In this final episode, join the BBC’s Africa Correspondent Alastair Leithead searching for endangered gorillas in the rainforest and exploring its mining heartland.
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World of Wisdom says:

Africa should be re-colonized to safe Africa from Africans. Sad statement but true. Most Africans HATE other Africans but love and respect foreigners from other continents. Sick and sad continent 😗🙄😐😡😥😣😔😒☹🙁😞😢

Dollarr sterecher Fantish says:

Out of EU but

Pro Nom says:

I need a VR casq 😥

0:51… He has a gun (watch in our back)

vcoolpool says:

Wow, that was a great view. Like to see more places in VR.

Yorur Brother says:

Belguim has left the chat

Raymond says:

this 360degree kind of movie sucks balls. No focus point.

Chad Elmer says:

"Still laughing at the peasants Diana ?" : –

Jeremy Bentham says:

Just wait for UK soft power and the BBC change agents to do their work, it can only get worse.

aljanat5 says:

The BBC talking about the DRC. I guess somebody in that organisation wants to earn their licence fee money. Shame those few do not run the groupthink led entity away from the shackles of gray conformity and pseudo-intellectual fugues of hustlers like Farage and BoJo. The pride of Africa is at its heart, not geographically, but in her good natured people.

As Britain collapses out of the economic elite due to the groupthink of the many middle England males atop its ailing, encircled and rickety company boards, we find the curios of a narration of African potential. The same potential Britain, via its agents, commodified to buy plots and build lots in the Oxbridge and London (Oxbridon for short) higher education cabal.

Goldfinga Sliverfinga says:

Bbc is full of shit .. deep rooted with fascist rasicts basdards

Nickle says:

BBC – Funded by the EU

Just B. Cause says:

Just mute the propaganda

xx bre Samuel xxx says:

Is it my phone but the video is 360 🤭. I have to keep my phone upright to view it lol. Wow

Yo BoRey says:

Wow. Thank you for the reality check.

Issie wizzie says:

Nicely done VR documentary

Debbie Marquis says:

Greed..everyone in authority seeking only for themselves..

Abdul Rasheed says:

Love to Congo people are you realization realize BBC news

la mexicana says:

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources but his people is very poor ! The African paradox!

Anuradha Aravind says:

Congo is controlled by Rwanda and Uganda. Just love the amazing VR, I can watch the truck, the sky, the cobalt mine, the gorillas or the BBC Correspondent.

45596 Bahamas says:

Anyone else see the bottom of the drone through the whole thing?

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