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After a decade-long reform effort, Cook County Jail in Chicago is now being described as a model facility. Walk through the jail complex to see what has changed.

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michael lundy says:

Woahhhh that interactive camera view is super dope

stephen sheldon says:

Why is it every time I see inside a American jail its mostly coloured people I see, yes there is white people but mostly there coloured, think it saus a lot about American justice system

I've Killed People says:

Many of the inmates appear to be missing the top front of their heads, where the frontal cortex should be… why do their heads slope like that?

Migel Vazkez says:

360 is cool

Den Solvang says:

Wtf is up wit the phone? Lol it's crazy

Music Lifee says:

I'm sure That you all are aware Of toilet talking and Toilet fishing correct? I've done that so much. That's how I got my noodles and Chips through the toilet I needed a Midnight snack.

CherryBomb Love says:

The system is not working at all. These imates need to be helped!!!

BiffTannen2015 says:

DemoKKKrats locking up DemoKKKrats with DemoKKKrat laws makes big bucks for DemoKKKrats

ROTA says:

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

Rachael Reweti says:

Bdk free dem killas 051 ym

Hank Roedell says:

Call this junk video, lousy distorted lens.

David Goans says:

It brings back a lot of bad memories I was in division 4 back in the 80s scary place

TT c says:

Kinda looks like a public school

fuck trump Latinos gang gang says:

Is gang gang in cook county 26k… lol uptown chiraq Latinos stand up…

IAM HIM says:

Oh shyt touch tha screen

Jeff Sharp says:

wtf ?!?!!? I would actually pay money to shoot hoops in that place!

dollarsmakesense11 says:

I heard that some of those 2,000 on house arrest have gone AWOL! Interesting, yes?

ESE LOKO 13 says:

What about year 1996 ? How was it back then

Simiral Entertainment says:

Any prison is not marmalade, you can look at it and reform it endlessly, but it will not be sweet in your mouth …

John Macintosh says:

Let's face it, this is a good video that would have been better without 360. No one has the time to strap their phone to their head.

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