‘Day of the Sun’: Largest military parade in North Korea (360 VIDEO)

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On April 15, 2017 Pyongyang hosted the largest military parade in the history of the country, dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the DPRK, Kim Il Sung.

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Phoenix says:

God, this could be used for both purposes of exposing North Korea's dictatorship and evil nature; but then it could be used to promote North Korea…. It all depends on who it is shown to!

Simon Dagout says:

One man never make the country great but it's poeple can make it .. hahah that mean no president is great if poeple do not want him

SAYA furika says:

this 360 is so cool!!!!!

Thomas says:

It's actually really scary that there are morons who support this fucking psychopathic dictator. How many chromosomes do you have to lose to think that these people are actually happy and want to clap for a person who will take away your family because you don't agree with him.

Totalis Bellum says:

The fact that this rogue nation owns a nuclear arsenal is a pretty scary prospect.


these people are possessed

Imagination Is Power says:

Reading the Yanks on here you can see why their education system now ranks down alongside some third world countries. Goodness me! Have we ever seen a more dense society than America today?

Craig says:

They finally got a reprieve from their slave boot camp life style. Even then it is overly obsequious.

theodore lovesu says:

Looks like a festive celebration..I just pray these oppressed people are given some food to eat today!

tyjghjghhh says:

if north korea manage to kill all amerikkkans and save the world from americunt global tyranny,
i might just praise and worship north korea as the world's unexpected hero.

nunya bizzniss says:

Trump is just the kinda guy to "Rain on Their Parade!"

W.H. Jamison II says:

Snazy uniforms, catchy tunes , disco dancing, pink pom poms. Hair styles like mine. Whats not to like?

Mikey Flores says:

A white leftist wet dream to make the West into N. Korea.

Glen Dragon says:

my biggest problem here is whenever I drag the sreen from top to bottom to show the menu all I got is a video screen scrolling to top because it is in 360. Im using mobile btw.

mrFalloutFan95 says:

There are people in this comment section saying NK is a great country……where is the freedom and liberty you so enjoy because its non existant in NK

Sporeman2678 says:

When dose the prison camp VR come out?

Goerge T says:

now us would not Fuck with North Korea .!

ReiK0Z says:


1994CPK says:

why do Russians love north Korea so much? Does their brutal regime of death and starvation make them long for the good old days of Stalin?

Callandor says:

Those poor regular North Koreans, enslaved by quite possibly the most brutal regime in human regime. Now will Rome/America invade? One can never tell with the Donald.

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