Earth 360 Video: The Call of Science

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Join NASA Earth scientists for a 360-degree view of our planet as they head into the field to study ice in Greenland and coral reefs in Hawaii. You can stand with scientists on Arctic ice, fly above the ice sheet, glaciers and sea ice as part of Operation IceBridge, then head to Hawaii as scientists dive into Kaneohe Bay as part of NASA’s CORAL mission.

Important note: Not all browsers support viewing 360 videos/images. YouTube supports uploading and playback of 360 degree videos/images on computers using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers.

For more about NASA's investigations of planet Earth, visit


Ronald BaileyEL says:


Buckaroo says:

Why should climate activists get to have all the fun jetting around the world in business jets–glad to see the climate scientists joining in.

LASERBLAST 1978 says:

Stop all ICE crasher ship on northpole and southpole save planet!

Dev joshi says:

I love nasa good luck

Charles Duke says:

You lost me at the warming/change hoax, buh bye!

chomsken says:

that is weird

Manoj ji says:

yeah if you can not wear fur, that would be a good start to better understanding of ecosystem presence

b1aflatoxin says:

Gorgeous! – This video had a lot of work put into it and it shows. These are very important missions for our data sets.

R. says:

This was amazing and very interesting!

Saurabh Borude says:

I really love this one

Andrea R says:

Wow thank you so much

Stephen Fletcher says:

Brilliant brilliant brilliant thank you keep it up please 😉

ImNovaツ says:

Watching on xs max

s cromly says:

Absolutely love what you guys are doing and it is very inspirational. Thank you!

Szabolcs Tompa says:

4:00 labwiev ????

james kelly says:


abo hafceah says:

نعم يعجبني ذلك yas i like it

الشلاقي Al shammari says:

Thanks NASA 🚀🤙🤙🤙

Uni G Techy says:

what is this ?? I love it NASA

Golden skeptic says:

What an amazing post….. Thank you..

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