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"Ebola Outbreak" is an immersive 360 experience filmed on the ground in West Africa.

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Explore for yourself in this virtual reality journey how the massive epidemic began and why it wasn't stopped sooner.

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Mohamed Turay says:

It really a ravaged disease and very dangerous that left my country in pain to this day.
Thanks will Lyman for your amazing work

Is it too Is it too says:

Ebola hit Camden New Jersey😭😭🥺🥺

Cesilia Sanchez says:


tom erik Rasmussen says:

Dont fuck with bats…..

kath david says:

It came out of a lab.. created for the herd.

Lovely 111 says:

Ebola was CREATED by the WEST.

Carole Esposito says:

The worst outbreak?? Wasn't this the 2nd outbreak ever?

Drugund says:

I thought Ebola is gone in 2016

Mauricio Vargas says:

What did he mean by everyone got it wrong on this one? At the end?

James H says:

Great use of 360°, feel like I took in so much more than I might have otherwise! Hard to find the words to describe the grief, courage and heroism in this documentary

gadams says:

Not good people, what were you thinking?

MaximilianKohler says:

Are you supposed to watch this with special equipment? I'm seeing a double image.

Doug Wetzel says:

NO MORE 360!

Around The World With Chiles! says:

I love frontline, but yea the way you guys shoot the 360.. definitely not a fan of that

Blue Hearthstone says:

Hey you guys make great content but can you not use this stupid 360 gimmick in the future? It freezes my browser and nobody actually moves the camera around on the videos. The whole point of a video is to show us what you want us to see. We can only see one thing at one time. It doesn't make sense to expect us to look around by scrolling. The only real application for this 360 feature is for VR headsets, but nobody has those.

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