Enter the 360˚ World of Vodou Healing in Haiti

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Watch the Full Episode Here: http://bit.ly/1SROyml

If you're on a mobile device, download the YouTube app then tilt your phone to explore the video in 360˚.

Six years after a devastating earthquake killed more than 160,000 people and left over a million people without a home, Haiti is still struggling to recover. Though in the heart of Port-au-Prince, priestess Katy does what she can to help heal her community with Vodou. Through her spiritual ceremonies, she provides a moment of hope and release to all in attendance.

Capturing the ceremony for first time in virtual reality, Broadly travels to Haiti to join the priestess and her followers in celebrating the spirits of the dead. Enter Katy’s holy temple for a 360-degree immersion into this powerful community ritual.

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Regina Rassi says:

Y'all need to put a curse on Bill and Hillary Clinton!

J Mo says:

Ase, ase, ase!

Miguel casas sr. says:

I don't like the 360

TheGamesdefender says:

what the actual fuck

Oliver Lim says:

Did that that one guy just wash his hands with the blood the other dude spurt out from his stomach? 2:37

KING G says:

Earth quake

WaVy Croc says:

vice what kind of 360 camera did you guys use to record this? anyone know ? Please fill me in

TheAnnArnold says:

How is this different than "slain in the spiit" that Christians profess?

The LEGO Maniac says:

When they were dancing I was like o kill em

IVION5T3R says:

wow. this shits lame as fuck, how bout some more vids with the tall skinny dude who would try different drugs? hes both entertaining and informative. anyone can bang sticks together out of time occasionally kick something random to make more noise lmao i mean cmon

Christian Landrin says:

We slapped the imperial system of the world at the time (1804) in the face and gained our independence and freed ourselves outselves. Literally wiping out every single French colonist. Not one of the so called empires France, England, Spain, and USA could fuck with us. Haiti is suffering now economically and being shamed and portrayed on the media as shit because we freed ourselves and fucked shit up for the nwo plans. We are the definition of freedom. Educate yourselves about Haitis history and don't let the media influence your opinions and views.

The Professional Hater says:

born and raised in California but my heart is also a part of Haiti i love my ppl.

deva tvtube says:

Some demonic shit right there.

PFilmsStuff says:

when I tilt my phone, nothing happens. I have to move it with my fingers

Another Variable says:

And this is why mysticism and bulls hit is responsible for the non advancement of Africa

Plasticity says:

Soooo… Bullshit?

Robin Aug says:

I'm stoned and her voice reminds of those peddlers who were pushing me some cannabis.

Izoto says:

Disgusting devilry.

redrum says:

I was pointing at the ceiling the whole time

Djamor says:

at 2:52 you can see a spirit in the window, actually kinda creepy

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