ENTER THE BLACKHOLE IN 360 – Space Engine [360 video]

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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!

In this video, we will enter a black hole and fly around it as well. This video is in full 360.

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Music: Kevin McLeod - Hypnothis

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Anton Petrov says:

Liked this simulation? Help me make more! https://www.patreon.com/whatdamath

Jeli says:

being absorbed by a black hole isng that slow.. also i thought i know whata going outside but the real life is in the space.. jesus we're just small bacterias living around

Abdo Official #LM10 says:


Clorox Bleach says:

Why am I so scared during these simulations? Is it just me who gets a pounding heart and a sweaty forehead

TheLegend27 says:

What would happen is you would be stretched and stretched thin. Plus black holes are invisible since they travel at the speed of light.

Ihor Skorobohatyy says:

I was scared omg holy sh*t

Nkhia Randolph says:

This video is scary

Lynne Still says:

The hole time I was screaming no at the screen

James Wilson hall says:

Sooooooooo cooll

Diana Davidson says:

fake like paris hilton

Orion's Arrow says:

slowly being swallowed whole, plummeting into eternal darkness, never to escape…

Not the black hole, this describes browsing YouTube.

Willi Bald says:

Come on, thats not a scientific Simulation! A nice journey but no one knows how it would be travelling inside a black hole! Beside it is impossible to do that!

Adrian Alvarado says:

the black hole is like a eye

Phyllis Dixon says:

i was sooo amazed at how this looked!

ThatOneBaguette says:


dan123 h says:

Looks like portal to nothing

Lorfel Noelle Go says:

This is so awesome !!!!!

Pinguino Furioso says:

Chega de YouTube por hoje

Nora Coman says:

do any of u wonder how black holes are flat but have so much space inside it ?

ninjanator LolX says:

This is amazing!

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