Entrepreneur Inna Braverman's career in 360° VR | The Female Planet | Episode 2

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Watch the story of Inna Braverman, green energy entrepreneur and Co-founder of Eco Wave Power, in the virtual reality series "The Female Planet." Get a 360 degree look into Inna's career and see firsthand how she harnesses the power of the ocean and converts waves into usable energy at the Eco Wave Power station in Gibraltar.

"The Female Planet" series features amazing female role models from around the world, including Inna and actor Gina Rodriguez, who stars in Episode 1 here: https://youtu.be/OWLW_YQ4tUI.

A Daydream and Surround Vision Production. Best viewed in a VR headset like Daydream View or Cardboard.

© Surround Vision 2017 under exclusive license to Daydream

Director: Mary Matheson
Executive Producer: Richard Nockles
Producer: Tara Watney

Shot with GoPro Odyssey, made with Jump by Google


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Dombaru dhar Gogoi says:

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loneranger482002 says:

wow awesome woman

Pratheep Anumaty says:


p Smith says:

Where did the money to hire the engineers and to build all of the equipment in the "power collection room" come from?

Micah Ackerman says:

I worked there for a couple of months. Great company!

The Action Man says:

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Jarred Hosch says:

Exactly, what if a storm starts? What if from the corrosive sea water eats at the metal buoys and hydraulic hoses? What if the hoses break and lots of fluid spills into ocean? Lots of ifs. How stable is this technology and could it produce enough energy for cities of several million? How many buoys would be needed and what is the ecological effects that these apparatuses have on the environment?

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Luxus Häuser says:

Nice video, very inspiring – "passion IS the greatest energy source."

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