Fighter Jet Formation Flying 360° video – 6 Jets!

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Want to experience a Fighter Jet Flight in Formation? See our 360° video featuring the Riga Jet Flight. This 360° jet flight video shows the precision and distance that display teams have during formation flying. Note - the less powerful a jet is, the more difficult to fly in formation. So these guys have a much harder task to keep the formation together in their subsonic jets compared to other display teams like the Blue Angels in their F-18s or the Thunderbirds in the F-16. The jets used in this video and for the MiGFlug Riga Jet flights is the Aero L-39 Albatros, the same jet that is also used by the Breitling Jet Team.

Learn more about our Riga Jet Flights here:

You can watch around by moving your smartphone - but it works best with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive or Google's Cardboard virtual reality headset.


Atomics says:

How come thr arms are invisible ?

John Fronza says:

Nice flying. Try watching the Blue Angels GO NAVY!

Jay Mahakal says:

It reminds me our Hero Pilot Abhinandan 💪 Great Indian Pilot

sidik pramono says:

Why not battle plane

Keshaun Caldwell says:

Cool video and I can move the screen

Agent P says:

Blue 3 standing by

abro amg says:

where is the pilot?

Konstantinos Vasilakos says:

Wow this acrobatic and the blue angels can do this

Mastep Zapakovki says:

Excellent video, breathtaking

Sam says:

Why the music??? Ruins everything, so bad😢but thanks…..😬

buster117 says:

this remind me war thnder

vali grad says:

superb…thank you !

Bull Bosphorus says:

Wauw how did you do that looking 360 degrees around the video?


L-39's Impressive! I thought it was a Yak or an l-29 until I read the description. Beautiful!

IvcoK2 says:

paradicka. mate aj MiG-29?

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