First Ever 360˚ Balloon Journey to space – Into the black of space above Florida

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Best when viewed on a smart phone or using google chrome.
This was shot September 5th over South Florida using two 360Fly's.
We launched at 9:15 am and recovered everything just after 1pm. Altitude was a little over 115,000 feet. The balloon pops at 4:10 --- don't miss the action!!!!

When using a phone, move the phone to look around or swipe with your finger. When using a computer, use the mouse or the A,W,S,D keys.

****Be sure to check out the new Down View video*****

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The cameras are AWESOME 360fly cameras:

Couldn't of recovered it without a tracking device. That was done flawlessly with a SPOT Trace:


Pete Dechoudens says:

When will I go back down I scared

blacklightgacha XD says:

Impossible it would have popped

Lil Key amir says:

Was that a Angel 4:01 the white dot

JJ Gamerz 39 says:

Good vid, but the flat earthers ruined it.

killer beast says:

I all ready see pitch black of space look all the way down

Mario Berry says:

Did something fly into the balloon??

leocatflip 929 says:


LPS Lemonade says:

If the camera was in space that the cam would float right?

Darren Lambert says:

Between 1:46 and 1:47 it must have teleported thousands of feet higher

The snail bigmore says:

I floating im floating IM FOLATING! A few minutes later… Looks down and POP! Ahhhh!!! Im falling HELP!!!!

Oskar Petunovs says:

Holy is that camera titan cause any camera that that height would pop

Jacqueline Hoyte says:

Cool or fake

Brian The Gamer says:

if it was in outer space, then how did you upload it to the internet?

Sara Gonzalez says:

how did they get it down

FBI says:

hey guys. look at me. I'm flying

Jamal Phillip says:

Omg this was amazing idk why but I cried watching this I always wanted to go to space and the view was just so beautiful

arima44 says:

since your balloon went off to space with the camera, how did get back the footage?

Zane RbLx&mInecrft says:

it's just look like im in the space

Ghost Playz says:

Oh sorry it actually broke at 4:27 AHHHHHHH

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