Flight Through the Orion Nebula in Visible and Infrared Light – 360 Video

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360 Video - Use the mouse to scroll the view on a computer. For full immersion, watch using a virtual reality device and a 360 video player.

This visualization explores the Orion Nebula using both visible-light observations from the Hubble Space Telescope and infrared-light observations from the Spitzer Space Telescope. The contrast between visible and infrared views of the nebula are examined using two spatially matched three-dimensional models.

As the camera flies into the star-forming region, the sequence cross-fades back and forth between the visible and infrared views. The glowing gaseous landscape has been illuminated and carved by the high-energy radiation and strong stellar winds from the massive hot stars in the central cluster. The infrared observations generally show cooler temperature gas at a deeper layer of the nebula that extends well beyond the visible image. In addition, the infrared showcases many faint stars that shine primarily at longer wavelengths. The higher resolution visible observations show finer details including the wispy bow shocks and tadpole-shaped proplyds. In this manner, the movie illustrates the contrasting features uncovered by multi-wavelength astronomy.

Credits: NASA, ESA, F. Summers, G. Bacon, Z. Levay, J. DePasquale, L. Hustak, L. Frattare, M. Robberto and M. Gennaro (STScI), R. Hurt (Caltech/IPAC)

Acknowledgement: R. Gendler

Music: “Dvorak – Serenade for Strings Op22 in E Major larghetto”, performed by The Advent Chamber Orchestra, CC BY-SA


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Camille Triboulet-Hall says:

I believe this could very well be the location of Heaven, itself…💗

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M. Taylor says:

Idk if this will work on desktop, but while watching this on my phone, I can move my finger over the video and change the direction the camera is facing to see other things

Kelly Kurt says:

There I was, flying through the Orion nebula. Again!Thanks, Hubble.

PrincessTS01 says:

thats so awesome

verioffkin says:

"When a man dies then he or she become a star. See these beautiful stars, there's plenty of them, they all were like us, they were humans sometime."
Very true…

SexDrugsNpostprod says:

can someone explain what's the umbrella shape thing in the gas bubble at 1:11 ?

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Chad Smith says:

For some background information on how this scientific visualization was created, please refer to the following article: http://www.stsci.edu/news/newsletters/pagecontent/institute-newsletters/2018-volume-35-issue-01/astronomy-visualizations.html

jagdish jariwala says:

Magic by Nature. God is the greatest Magician.

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visualisation only

Josh says:

So this is where the Ghostbusters pink goo came from huh?

Stewart Savage says:

Home of the Thargoids

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