Fortnite Skydiving in Virtual Reality – 360° Video

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This is a 360 degree video. Use your mouse or move your phone to look around you. Try it with your VR headset if you have one!

New intro Animation by Michael Blackman. A huge thank you for your amazing work! Check out his Vimeo here: #VirtualReality


Turtle Cat :3 says:

0:20 look at your parachute and admire earth's great physics

hello bro says:

wow this video makes me want to do sex!!!!!!!!!

Erika Palmer says:

Video is to short☹️

Jay the friendly crusader says:

Nice, know I can be a virgin

IN 3-D

SANEK IvAnOv says:

Не раааааботает

ElijahTmW says:

To me it's a black screen

red cat Games says:

почему я не могу поваоативатся ну все дислайк и отптска

King Mason says:

How do u do that

Yan Uzumaki says:


Sven Playz NL says:

This works not

Luz Mary Agudelo says:

Niciquiera es en 360 grados

Elena Raita says:

Nuuuuuuuu e 360

dls Uruguayo says:

No funcionaáaaaa

Lidia Santos Silva Santos says:

Fausto o pico pola

fortnite recly says:

You should record you playing and use the 360 what ever it is called but you should try it you would get a lot of vews

Sub 2 PewDiePie says:

Where we droppin boys

Dominic Sieczkarek says:

Can somebody explain to me why there,s a disco ball at the top of my head?

Imanol Perez3956 says:

Any one saw the disco ball at sky

Legendary Team says:

Keep up the good work 👍

Pancake waffle says:

Finally a youtube vid that's compatible with Iphone XR when you go full screen 😂

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