Fukushima 360: walk through a ghost town in the nuclear disaster zone

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What happens to a town that has been abandoned for seven years after a nuclear meltdown? Greenpeace took former residents and a 360-degree camera into the radiation zone north of Fukushima to mark the anniversary of the disaster. The Fukushima Daiichi plant was damaged by a tsunami triggered by a magnitude-9 earthquake on the afternoon of 11 March 2011. The tsunami killed almost 19,000 people along the north-east coast of Japan and forced more than 150,000 others living near the plant to flee radiation. Some of the evacuated neighbourhoods are still deemed too dangerous for former residents to go back.


Eastern King says:

Notice all the Kudzu just keeps on growing like nothing happened……It really is indestructible!

요술공주 밍키 says:

The Japan Olympics are not safe

Katsuhiko Nakamachi says:

Well tough luck most of us don’t have a house regardless of radiation. Put up with it fully, live with it, thank you are still alive or curse that you are lol

Outdoor freedom says:

Unless you speak Japanese this is a useless video with no information.

Christopher Sewell says:

He can find it a ghost town in the 1988 which I was moved in and had a bomb dropped during the war on dam army based mc donlolds and bomb buried it self out at West wounder ing wheater anyone found it and it used to snow

dark legion says:

Here you have your nuclear energy. Everybody who says nuclear is safe is the biggest fool on the earth.

eyedownloader says:

This should be the location for the meeting between KIm Jong-un and the orange Idi Amin, Mr. Trump.

William Dalziel says:

Whilst the Daiichi disaster of 2011 continues to impact thousands of people, with many still displaced, it's important to note that the evacuation order on the town in this video (Namie) was lifted in April 2017. Although the population of the town is only a fraction of what it once was, concerted efforts to rebuild the community should be acknowledged.

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