Gai vs Madara | Night Guy w/ Anime OST | Naruto Storm 4

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majik genap says:


SalsaCookies says:

If the same thing that happened in the game happened in the anime, then Madara would be dead.

Elijah Souza says:

The moment you realize that the only reason he didn't kill Madara is because the writer's wanted Naruto and Sasuke to do it

Dark 757 says:

i kinda *miss the "bending space" part cuz it was redundant after they decided that minato needed to transport those orbs away himself

DOMINATION1293 says:

0:52 When she says, she’s home alone

DOMINATION1293 says:

Cyber connect made Might Guy into a Demon, way better then the Anime.

Audio Unboxing says:

1:29 I'm died


Me when she said she’s pregnant

Reaper Reyes says:

This why guy is a goat

Sealkadoom Pokemon PHD says:

What an explosion of youth

MrPotato10 says:

Did anyone else notice madara said "oh no" when guy was up in his face

Jamar Lewis says:


"It was at this moment Madara knew….he FUCKED UP"

Larrybyrd says:

Night guy is such a scary Techinique mann
goosebumps all the way

dan altamirano says:

I love the fact that his most powerful attack is a Dinamic Entry, powered by a Kaioken x1 000 000.

GoodXyloPhone says:

Made me wish the game used the anime's soundtrack instead

Kaiseki Sakizuke says:

At 1:26 if you pause at the right time you can see madaras orgasm face

Peter Hoffmann says:

Better then the anime wtf

寝天使 says:


Erich says:

I know it is a dragon, but at 1:16 it kind of looks like a shrimp. XD

Wolf Sanctity says:

It's guy not gai

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