GameDevVR #1: ⌨️ Ride the Early 90s VR Dev Hype Train!

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(Thanks to Fups for the Steam Key) GameDevVR is a goofy and fun simulation-based in the early 1990's where you become a VR game developer, riding the original VR hype train. In your basement, you are free to do whatever you like, but you will still need to eat and drink to keep playing!

This game won’t restrict you, this means you can do whatever you want, making the player feel free and letting them experience GameDevVR at their own pace. Eating, drinking and sleeping is a big part of this simulation so you will need to balance this with the rest of your tasks.

➤ The GameDevVR ‘Systems’.
The three main systems in GameDevVR are the GameMaking, the Survival System and the Interaction System.

➤ Game Making System.
One of the main features in GameDevVR is having the player create a game. To make the Game Making experience as fun as possible for the player this simulation has cut out all of the boring and tedious work, leaving you only with the fun parts.
GameDevVR's "Game Making System" uses pre-made game stages so the player can test and experience the key points of the game's development up until the game is completed.

➤ Survival System.
GameDevVR uses a survival system to make sure you: Eat, Drink and Sleep. This system ensures that you always have to think about your health making the game more fast paced, if you don't do this your character in game will pass out.

➤ Interaction System.
Every object in GameDevVR is intractable which makes the world a lot more immersive and keeps the player happy. Lots of fun is to be had interacting with all of the different objects in this world.

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[CPU] ➤ Intel® Core™ i7-8700K 4.7GHz.
[COOLER] ➤ Noctua NH-D15.
[PASTE] ➤ Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Particle.
[GPU] ➤ EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB SC Black.
[PSU] ➤ EVGA GQ 80 PLUS Gold 850W Modular.
[MOBO] ➤ Gigabyte AORUS Z390 Master.
[RAM] ➤ G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4 3200MHz (2 x 8GB).
[CASE] ➤ Corsair Obsidian 500D Premium Tempered Glass.
[FANS] ➤ Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm LED Fans, w/Lightning Node PRO Controller.

[BOOT] ➤ 1TB Samsung 970 EVO M.2 PCIe SSD.
[GAMES] ➤ 2TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD.
[MEDIA] ➤ 6TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro 7200RPM HDD.

[MOUSE] ➤ Logitech MX Master Wireless.
[KEYBOARD] ➤ Redragon K553-RGB Mechanical.
[VR] ➤ Oculus Rift S.
[CHAIR] ➤ GT Omega Pro XL (Black).
[WHEEL] ➤ Thrustmaster T300RS base(599XX Alcantara rim).
[SIM RIG] ➤ Wheel Stand Pro V1.
[RECORDING] ➤ NVIDIA GeForce Experience 25kbps to SSD.
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