GoPro VR: Swimming with Wild Dolphins in the Ocean

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Dive below the surface with Jim Abernethy to enter a deep blue world and find yourself surrounded by a pod of dolphins.

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Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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"Emy and Nat"
Composed by Benny Abel

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Nothinbutdafrontrow says:

AMAZING! I can touch video & rotate. I'm swimming with the dolphins

youngae Mrs.Namjoon says:

I love dolphins I used to have a pet dolphin her name was pearl

Barry Smith says:

This is good music to sleep to

Gabriel Marinho says:

This is fake, look at the end, its like a pool .. fake but good video

Fabiancho Slzh says:

Wooow! Como lo hace? 😵😵😵

Jiwon Kim says:

I volunteered at a dolphin research center/tourist spot. They are the smartest/cutest things alive 💕

WhatRtheGreatestCommandments says:

music is awful…

Chaotic Bash Studios says:

cool video thank you very much! I made a 360° video from 300 wild dolphins!
Maybe you are interested:

Billie Pierce says:

So amazing… I have always loved dolphins and having VR even tho I don’t live near a beach I still feel the joy and happiness they bring to me. Thank you so much!

Canada Arrow says:

to think some people eat dolphins -_-

pineapplepen says:

Such a beautiful planet we have. Too bad people are idiots. The most useless species so far.

Zairita says:

my favorite animal

Bunnyshooter 223 says:

beautiful sounds of dolphins In the ocean blue

Bunnyshooter 223 says:

beautiful blue ocean deep grey dolphins

Melissa Perez says:

This was in bimini right? What company did you go out with? We went last week but only got to see Atlantic bottlenose would have wanted to see spotted they are friendlier.



Lukluk Auliya says:

Nice View. I really like!!!!!! 😀

Mitty Kitty says:

Dang it! The quality on video…..i dont blame it in this video i blame it with my very slow wifi connection

г绿鳄鱼 says:

всё такое классное . дааа…

อิสระ พันมะลี says:


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