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Greenland’s glaciers are melting faster and faster. If they all melted, it's estimated that the sea level around the world would rise by 20 feet.

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In this 360° video, get a stunning firsthand look at the Arctic’s disappearing ice, and follow a team of NASA scientists determined to find out why. Presented by FRONTLINE, NOVA PBS, Emblematic Group, xRez Studio and Realtra VR.

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Loredo Mattoni says:

Arizona is getting wet and green

Bruce Boyden says:

Greenland ice mass is increasing. Stop spreading lies by omission.

Simon Ruszczak says:

Arctic and Antarctic ice is increasing.

Francisco Leonardo says:

What did I just look at?

The Vegan Villainess says:

Lol, I couldn't figure why it was zoomed in on one area and then I moved my phone 🤣

Geo Rox says:

Geoengineered skies above in this film. That has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH WHY. You idiots. Look up

PPI says:

Yup frontline is a propaganda machine for the global warming conspiracy theorists. The earths climate is changing but its not all our fault and we can't change it. This I formation is Not objective truth like 2+2=4 This is "we think" information.

quest 77051 says:

great video frontline. thanks.

quest 77051 says:

why is greenland FULL OF ICE, but iceland IS FULL OF GREEN GRASS? these are questions that keeps me up at night.


People I hope youre watching this on your mobile device and moving it 😂😂🤦‍♂️ 360

robert forsythe says:

Just a little hypothesis all that ice melting has a immense weight. As it melts into the sea it changes tectonic plate forces. With this change in ice we have disturbed the crust of the planet. Look around and see the changes in the crust. EVERY THING Is CHANGING. All we can do now is prepare for tough times, others may say pray and refer to biblical events of the past. Astrological signs that are described in the Old Testament refer that the time is short.

blmastiffable says:

This video should have been done without 360. Just listen to it didn't even watch any of the video.

Bob Trajkoski says:

A million species will be happier without humans on earth, We are selfish Critcher, care only about our selfs

Ophelia Bawles says:

Don't worry about your grandchildren blaming you Mr Orange Jacket Scientist. Everyone will be dead by then, it's always worse than anyone thinks, we're all doomed.

SuperZap12345 says:

Budget cuts at PBS?

Artistic Endeavors says:

2:24 And I'm outta here!

R B says:

This is truly amazing, take care of our EARTH PEOPLE, OUR EARTH, start with yourself and then your family, I promise it will become contagious, soon it wont be cool to not take care of it!!

Richard Brudzynski says:

The 360-degree gimmick is a distraction from the substance of the video. A viewer ends up playing find-the-narrator, looking at the floor or ceiling. What for? It might work for displaying a breath-taking view, say from the top of Mount Everest. Beyond that, nothing. There's a reason cameras have view finders.

James Longstreet says:

Frontline is such a joke… just a delivery system for the sermons of the Church of the Left.

Denis Flannery says:

the sun is the primary driver of climate variations and we are near the end of solar cycle 24 arctic sea ice has been gaining since 2016 you all may benefit by researching the 4th state of matter which was ignored in 20th century science:-)

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