Grenfell: Our Home – watch the full virtual reality documentary

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Watch the full virtual reality Grenfell Tower documentary about people’s lives, their homes and the community that existed before the fire on 14th June 2017. Best viewed with headphones.

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Ron Pd says:

Terrible tragedy – never again we pray. BTW Like so much in this documentary about diversity. Why not include me – it just seems so strange to exclude a certain segment of the population.

pan1pan1 says:

What's the point of this?

IamKaspian says:

love you all

Fred Schwentafsky says:

Amazing heart rending….such strength.

ArmyOfAll says:

Grenfell tower should have been ran as a worker co-op. The building should have been given to the people who live in it, to decide as a community, what rents to charge and what to do with the money. At just £400 per month per flat, Grenfell would have raised £48,000 a month. I dare say if it were an occupant owned co-operative they would have chosen to install sprinklers before flammable cladding.

Instead, the block was given to a housing association, a top down capitalist structured 4 profit mostly privatised organisation that makes decisions based on maximising profit, with as little input of residents as possible.

Capitalism is the problem, Democracy is the solution.

ArmyOfAll says:

When they were built, they were seen as cities in the sky. Today, the only high rises that get built are for the wealthy, the old blocks that mostly house the poor, get wrapped in plastic to please the eyes of the wealthy.

GingerRuss75 says:

Should be left as a monument to the dead, and the consequences of free market economics/corruption.

Gencturk92 says:

social cleansing: to divide the poor in the richest area of London, UK and Europe. LFB found 42 people in one room, the death toll is not 71…its way over 400+ and it was not an accident (deliberate manslaughter).

matt lee says:

its all immigrants on welfare in social housing in London….why your country take such low quality immigrants

P Lum says:

Some of the comments here are an absolute disgrace. RIP to all who lost their lives

MegaRoFLL says:

this video looks strange, like filmed with potato camera wtf

Jon Sneath says:

This really brings things to life. Thank you.

Lawrence Willey says:

Greenfell tower block, this has and still is getting loads of attention of the media,yet Manchester bombing/ and all these grooming gangs and Paedophilea/rapists, are hardly getting any or no attention of the media what so ever, it ABSOLUTELY STINKS

Zac says:

Only a load of foreigners, blacks and paupers. No loss.

Šándor Petőfi says:

That building will go down soon and nobody will ever remember those people.

fuzzydunlop1000 says:

Channel 4 is cancer.

Sherz 21 says:

jealous people that are uncomfortable with minorities getting media attention can such their toe


The British have always been repulsive and racist. Today, they have become a disease that seriously threatens the whole planet. Any intelligent and decent person would try to escape from that shithole!

sondos ashour says:

Thousands of stories buried

Francis Drake says:

Social housing is a blight on our green and pleasant land.

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