Guardian VR – How it is to spend 22-24 hours a day in cell?

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My screen recorder (SCR PRO) causes a freeze at the end of the video so I couldn't upload a whole experience on YouTube.
However, the app works perfectly when screen recorder is disabled.

Guardian VR

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Our first VR piece, 6x9 takes you to a virtual cell, telling a story of the psychological damage of extreme isolation. Right now, more than 80,000 people are in solitary confinement in the US. They spend 22-­24 hours a day in their cells, with little to no human contact for days or even decades. We invite you into this world.
You can watch the film with or without Cardboard.
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ShadowCuber says:

Is this on iOS?

milkmandan77 says:

Game looks lit af

Mariehamn 360 says:

I want to se this in Oculus Rift. Maybe i can make a Oculus Rift version If I could get the project file 🙂

matycee says:

wait… there's a window to look out of in solitary? And…. there's a neighbor you ask to share books with… because you sorta have a micro book club you belong to?? A bed, a place to wash and poop AND space to exercise? I don't have to pay taxes, deal with idiot drivers or long lines at the store or being put on hold with Comcast….? Kidding me? Count me in.

Ella Banana says:

Damn. I just played this for myself, and wow; very well made. After only a short while I forgot I was sitting in the corner of my office.

Also thanks to the maker of this video, it is really hard to find decent apps for the google cardboard.

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