Hong Kong. City of Skyscrapers. Aerial 360 video in 4K

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Don't forget that this is 360 video: you can change the angle of view. Hong Kong is both a city and a state, and (more precisely), a special administrative area of the People's Republic of China. It is truly "special" in all regards...

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360 video AirPano says:

We've made this video of the Hong Kong for those, who appreciate views of modern places. We recommend you to watch thematic playlist Cities 360 video — VR: https://goo.gl/6yEj9E , where you can see 360 video of Dubai, Shanghai, Moscow and other interesting cities. Enjoy the content and share it with your friends. On our behalf, we will continue to show the beauty of our planet on the AirPano channel: https://goo.gl/NZMdaz We would be very thankful if you can help us by translating title, description and narrations of our videos to your language! Please use this link for translation: https://goo.gl/zax2Wi

And And says:

You too travel по world не выходя из home?

1 says:

Где русские

Avi Melka says:

Hello !thank you for such beautiful job and videos!you deserve at least 20M suscribers…i don t understand why you stay that low.anyway may i ask you how do you earn money youtube excepted(i mean that you can t do this only with youtube no?)

PrimiusLovin says:

Way too many skyscrapers in such a tiny area, it's overwhelming in some places, I couldn't live there!
But amazing 360° video, 360° cameras and drones are a killer combo for presenting huge areas in short videos 🙂

Сайраш Акжан says:

Спасибо за видео

Margarito Flores del campo says:


Tam i z powrotem says:

A beautiful and modern city, a great movie.

ETK says:

What’s the camera used and drone to carry it? Is it legal to fly in Hong Kong with all the skyscrapers?

Virtua traveleR says:

Nice video~!!

Adrian Sanchez Ordaz says:


Akshita Mondal says:

It's awesome

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