House fire – A 360° test fire from New Zealand Fire Service | firefighting

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How do you escape a house fire? After three GoPros survived a 482-degree Fahrenheit (250 degrees Celsius) test fire, a fire department in New Zealand will use a custom fireproof GoPro rig to create a 360-degree view of such an event – that you can watch in the comfort of your own air-conditioned home – and how to survive from it.

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Kendall A says:

This is so awesome!!! 🙂

KZ Official says:

Holy shit, those men behind the camera almost jumpscared me! Haha!

Blaze Blazedelle says:

Cool… (no pun intended) 😆

Pankhurst Emmeline says:

hope you can share this at veertv for all my friends love that web and I thought your video is reaaaally meaninful,besides 360 videos could catch more views there.:-)

Pankhurst Emmeline says:

Wow,you made this?Or it is true?

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