How Coca-Cola gets made, in 360° – BBC London

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Explore the Coca-Cola Factory in Sidcup, South London in our 360° tour and find out about how fizzy drinks are made.

Video by Jamie Moreland

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BBC London says:

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Terry Offord says:

As a Student, way back in the 1950's, I worked Part Time in a soft drinks factory, where our Drink Filling machine turned out Drinks in Three Sizes, Quart, Pint and Shorts (350mls) aka Mixers.Operational speed those days was 200 per minute,staffing took One man operating the Sterilised Bottle Cleansing machines, GLASS Bottles were used as they were returned, washed and reused up to eight times. THREE staff on the filling, followed by Two staff Labelling and a further four staff STACKING the filled bottles. On Cordials, the bottles were actually hand labelled using a BABY machine ( Brand name) The latter had the Labeller Guy, and TWO staff to remove and crate the bottles after having applied the topcap and a plastic Seal.The filled bottles were then wheeled to the Warehouse involving two staff, in summer, it rose to four staff,then Regional drivers were used for distribution of the crated products around fourteen staff were employed inside the factory, then there were four further staff known as the SYRUP ROOM staff, They concocted the sugar and flavors which were gravity fed to the Filling machine and Gassd (CO2). The job was fast moving, approximately 10,000 per day, mid summer and somewhat less in winter. The company, Hollows Mineral Waters, was a great firm to work for, good pay, great bosses and a spotlessly clean environment to work in but more noteworthy was that, dueingthe slow winter period,NO-ONE last their jobs but instead were turned to full maintenance of the entire plant. I felt this little story may be of interest when compared with the Monolithic robotised plant of Coca Cola.Terry Offord

Lee Munns says:

Product placement

Marcus280898 says:

This feels somewhat dystopian

MozDie Loz says:

That is literally amazing and frightening. I once spent months making Coco Cola from original Coca Cola recipe and all I made was 24 litres I think. But my cousin's cousin said mine was better than the real thing.

jmuse2k says:

Robots took over many human jobs and does it better unfortunately

Alicia Adlam says:

That's so cool

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